Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mr. Belvedere

I remember the Mr. Belvedere TV show. I never really watched it. I was never really a fan, but I was never really not a fan either. It was just one of those shows that for awhile seemed to always be on. No matter when you turned the TV on, at any moment, on some random channel Mr. Belvedere was probably on, like Saved by the Bell or The New Adventures of Old Christine or Law & Order. Nobody really watches these shows, they're just always on... somewhere.

Well, except for Saved by the Bell, everybody watched that show, because that show was awesome.


Anyway, the main thing I remember about the Mr. Belvedere show--whenever I would cross its path while flipping through the channels--is wondering how he got there. He's an English butler, right, and he's living with Bob Uecker and his middle class family in Philadelphia but... why? Why is he there? How the hell does the world-traveling butler, Mr. Belvedere end up in a middle class neighborhood home run by a single dad? Neither Bob nor Mr. Belvedere seems to want him there, so what's the deal? Is he being forced to live there like some kind of punishment? How the hell does Bob Uecker's character afford a classically trained English Butler, isn't he a sports writer or something? It doesn't make sense! Of course, by the time that rich gravy train of important thoughts reached its station, I would have long since changed the channel, so I never found out, and honestly... who cares?

But then there's this. I love it so much. So funny. It starts out weird and then gets crazy. It's genius. Plus: the wonderful Phil Hartman. Enjoy!


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