Friday, December 14, 2012

Pacific Rim

It's been a few days since this first hit the Internet, so I apologize if this isn't news to you, or if you've already squee-ed yourself into an aneurysm, but I've been busy so I didn't get a proper chance to join in. What am I talking about, you ask? I'm talking about Pacific Rim, kids. Yes, it's true. Pacific Rim, a big budget Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters movie. Are you shocked? Confused? Did you have no idea this existed? How did it get past you?

I posted about the Kaiju Emergency Alert System last week or so, so this may look a little familiar to both of you regular readers, but for the click-lazy out there, the basic story is this:

Geek God of Flamboyant Demonic Imagery, Director Guillermo del Toro has apparently discovered that I am only passingly a fan of his work. I loved Blade 2 and The Devil's Backbone. I enjoyed Pan's Labyrinth. Otherwise: Meh... he's all right, sometimes I find his design work a little too busy, it gets in the way of the movie, in my opinion. And I'll be honest, I was REALLY happy to hear that he was no longer working on the Hobbit. Also, I hated the Hellboy films. Hated them. But ever since Ron Pearlman did this right here... they get a pass from me. We're cool.

Good on you, Ron Perlman.

Anyway, I know it's Geek Blasphemy to even think this, let alone state it out loud where the various geeks and nerds and dorks and dweebs can see, but it's the truth. That's how I feel. Now before you flip-out and work yourself up into a big frothing lather of nerd-rage, keep in mind that I don't think he's terrible, he's just okay. That's all. Okay. I don't get too excited about his upcoming projects, because I've found that he is generally incapable of blowing my skirt up. Okay, maybe I'm a little excited about his long-anticipated At the Mountains of Madness film, but otherwise...


Well, someone has apparently told Mr. del Toro about my general ambivalence toward him and his work. This appears to have really struck a cord with the man, because here he comes again, this time with a film yanked directly from deep within the brain of my Godzilla-loving five year old self. It is, quite frankly, a surprisingly aggressive attempt to win my love. The posters and viral videos have all been great so far, way better than I expected, and upon viewing this new trailer, all I can say is: Thank you, Mr. del Toro, thank you. Giant Robots? Versus Giant Monsters? On the shores of San Francisco? Why yes, I am interested in seeing more...

Aren't you? Let's watch it together.

It's so beautiful. No words. No words, it's so beautiful. They should have sent a poet, they should have sent a poet...


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