Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hey there, me again.

I'm planning to write an Update blog on Friday, so all y'all out there will be fully informed on what's going on with me, writing wise, and just in time for the end of the world too. Does anybody know what time that's happening, BTW? No? Bummer. Anyway, that blog will go up some time Friday. Until then, here's a cool sci-fi short film to help liven up your Hump-day blahs. It's called Memorize and it was written and directed by Jimmy Eriksson and Eric Ramburg. I don't know them in any way, nor am I familiar with anything else they've done, but this looks promising, a kind of 90's cyberpunk throwback kind of thing.

Let's watch...

Well, they sure love the shit out of that Total Recall Hologram trick, don't they? I especially liked how the bad guys thought they had pulled it on him, but no, HE had pulled it on THEM. It was just like a chess match, man, but with more head scarves.

All in all, not bad, if you don't backtrack the plot too much, and it's definitely heavily seeped in the kind of imagery that seems a little outdated and cliche these days, but it's technically adept and pretty fun and there's a couple of cool ideas in there. I'd be interested in seeing more of their stuff, if they ever drop the dog-earred and pretty tired Neuromancer/Snow Crash/Matrix trappings and instead really try to run with their more original and weird/cool ideas. They have the skill and talent, that's obvious, now let's see them take some risks.

Or at the very least, pick a storyline that is a little more engaging. I mean, was this really a seven minute long short film about people discovering how to circumvent an idea you introduced at the very BEGINNING of the seven minutes? There's not much to hold onto there, especially when there's maybe a half dozen lines of dialogue all told.

Better than average, but still kind of average in the end.

Anyway... enjoy,

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