Monday, December 17, 2012

Man of Steel

Two posts in one day? It's a Christmas miracle!

It's actually due to the fact that this post concerns another trailer, the official new trailer for the upcoming Superman film, in fact, the one directed by Zach Snyder known as: Man of Steel. It's been out for a few days now, which makes it old as dirt in Internet years. You've probably seen it already, I figured I should just go ahead and post it while at least some of the new car smell is still clinging to it.

Superman is an enduring character, but he is also a notoriously difficult character to get a handle on. In this day and age, in a long-term sense, and most especially in movies, he's a bit awkward. People know him completely, they know who he is and where he comes from. They know how he was raised and how that upbringing affected who he is. They know his girlfriend's name. They know he's a good person. They know all about Superman. Clark Kent. Kal-el of Krypton.

And for the most part... he bores them.

He bores them because he's often portrayed as too earnest and too straightforward, and he is often too powerful for most of his bad guys, and as a result, his stories are usually harder to relate to and generally low on action. In a nutshell, there's usually isn't any inner conflict and not much danger of an outer one either. For such an outwardly simple character propped up by such simple motivations, there's just no easy way in with Superman, not like there is with Batman, and especially not when it comes to any movies. To make Clark interesting, you have to spend some time with him. To make Superman truly super, to make him soar, you need lots of money. With Warner Bros on their knees, desperate for a new franchise, at least Man of Steel will have the money part covered. And with Zach Snyder at the helm, the action should be crazy.

But will we get to know Clark? Will he become a character again, one that the audience can really get behind? We shall see... Let's watch the trailer.


A little somber, a little self-important and brooding maybe, but Snyder's a fun guy so I'm not worried about the tone of the film so much. Plus, Amy Adams is Lois Lane. Nice.

We shall see,

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