Thursday, November 1, 2012

Left 4 Dead - The Movie (Part 2)

Left 4 Dead is a pretty fun zombie apocalypse based video game. It's kind of a big deal. The people like it. They like it so much, in fact, they go out in public in game specific costumes and make little fan-films that they then post on Youtube for jerks like me to crap on.

That's love, folks.

I don't know if I share that level of love, but I did enjoy the game, so when I stumbled across Part 1 of this thing here on Youtube, I had to check it out. And you know what? Not bad. It's not flashy, but it's not too bad either. Over all, a good effort for a no-budget little fan-film. Sure, sure, it's got issues, all of the actors either try way too hard to look like they know how to carry a gun or very obviously have zero clue how to and have no idea how awkward they look while doing it, but hey, whatta ya'want? It's a fan-film. Professionals they ain't. And like I said: It's better than most.

I posted it awhile back right here and now, here's Part 2.

Part 2 clunks a little. Okay, it clunks a lot. And the acting is a little more suspect in this one... okay, it's a lot more suspect honestly, and this time as an added bonus, there's a few lines of dialogue that were lifted directly from some of the more famous Hollywood produced zombie films and it is really noticeable, especially since the delivery is downright embarrassing. Good lord, kid, you couldn't even watch the original film for a clue on the line-reading?

Total bullshit. That kind of shit really bugs me.

One: Write your own dialogue, cocksucker.

Two. Who the hell do you think is watching your crappy little film?

I'll tell you who... Zombie fans, that's who. Guess what else Zombie fans watch? Other zombie films, especially the famous ones. Did you think no one would notice a direct lift from one of the highest grossing zombie films made? Normal people even went to that film, man. It's pretty well known. It's just insulting. I mean, if you're gonna steal, at least make it from somewhere obscure, put some effort into it.


I may not post Part 3 because of this. I probably wouldn't have even bothered to post Part 2, except for the fact that I wanted to bitch about how shitty it is to lift from someone else's work. It's not quite what you'd call plagiarising in this particular case, but it's definitely stealing and it is most definitely the hallmark of a hack mother fucker.

Anyway... Interested? Can you spot the offending dialogue? Poser test.


Shaking my head slowly,

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