Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kaiju Emergency Alert System

This is only a test.

Behold, the latest round of viral marketing to be found on YouTube for an upcoming sci-fi film. That's so wonderfully modern, don't you think? Using YouTube marketing? Internet-centered. It's like living in a Gibson novel. These are for the upcoming film Pacific Rim by famed Director Guillermo del Toro.

I've mentioned it before, I think, right? Yes, here, remember?

Well after a few great posters, they have now started down the road of great viral marketing bits, which is always fun. Also, the film has a pretty Interesting cast. There's Charlie Hunnam from the melodramatic biker soap opera Sons of Anarchy. Charlie Day, from the surprisingly funny despite having a fan base which seems (at first glance) to consist almost entirely of douchebags, It's always sunny in Philadelphia. Fan favorite Idris Elba, from The Wire and Thor and Luthor and, just, y'know, lots of awesome stuff, shows up. And of course, because this is a del Toro film, the legally mandated Ron Pearlman. He's actually in a lot of great (and some not so great) things and is pretty awesome in his own right, but I will never talk bad about the man, because he did this.

So, that's all good, except... Except for the fact that the movie Prometheus started out exactly the same way too. Remember? That Happy Birthday, David video is one of my absolute favorite YouTube short films ever, but... well, we all saw Prometheus, right? Easily the most disappointing film I have seen this year, definitely in the top five of all time. So, I'm wary, is what I'm saying. I'm trying not to be too excited, because I've been hurt before. I'm leery, basically. In a nutshell, I'm cautious. I am trying to proceed with caution.

And then they put out this:

Yep. Your eyes do not deceive you. Those are the blue prints to the Gypsy Danger, one of the massive robots (the scale is demonstrated), or "Jaegers", built to defend our shorelines from Kai-ju (Giant Monster) attack. Here's a link to the Wired article, where you can see a larger version. Don't pretend like you aren't dying to go there right now. So yeah, how am I supposed to NOT get excited for a live-action, big budget Giant Robot vs. Giant Monster movie made by a man with a ga-zillion times more heart and talent and vision than the usual palooka picked to make such a film? Huh? Huh? What am I supposed to do when they put out a blue print to a Giant Robot--called the Gypsy Danger--that I could put on my wall? How can I not be overly-excited?

How can I not be?



There's more! More blue prints! And more Jaeger awesome, which is way better than Jaegermeister, especially the next day. As I'm sure you probably know. Anyway, Gypsy Danger up there? She's an example of an American Jaeger, but guess what? True, true, Chicken butt, but also: Other countries have Jaegers too. Especially if they sit on... wait for it... The Pacific Rim! DING-DING-DING! TITLE CHECK! And so, with that all said, here are some Jaegers from other countries. Enjoy!

First up, from Down Under: Striker Eureka

Next, from the Land of the Rising Sun: Coyote Tango

And from Russia... where Fiddler on the Roof was set: Cherno Alpha

Ol' Tovarishch Cherno Alpha here looks like he's about three steps away from falling apart or melting down, know what I mean? Russians... I tell ya'. Anyway, I found out about this and a whole bunch of other neat stuff over at Badass Digest! Click through to get to the larger versions.


Mark Teats said...

Looking forward to this movie!

Jon said...

Me too. I really hope it delivers

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