Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is cool and all. It's a surprisingly good fit for him and he really seems to like and understand the part. However, as I'm sure all of you unlucky enough to have seen Wolverine: Origins will no doubt remember, the last time out was ridiculously terrible. It was unbelievably bad. It was crap-tastic, as the kids say. The crappiest crap of all of Crapdom, in fact. If you haven't seen it, don't. You should never watch it, let it fade from memory. Trust me, it's just better this way.

That being said, if this teaser poster for the new film coming out next year is any indication, the new one might be pretty awesome...

Look at that, huh? I love the sumi-e look of it.

A cool and revealing design...

The image is revealing because the film is going to be based off Wolverine's adventures in Japan. A noir, street-level, Wolverine-versus-hundreds-of-ninjas type of yarn from his first solo limited series as written by famed, long-time X-men scribe Chris Claremont and drawn by current right-wing lunatic Frank Miller back in the days when both of them were good, it's a pretty good and entertaining story all about family and honor and samurai and the aforementioned hundreds of ninja. Chop, chop, hack, slice. It's the story where Wolverine the character first evolves, going from a barely two-dimensional berserk brawler to the now more familiar fallen samurai portrayal, a ronin... with claws. It was pretty well done, a good read, and probably the story most directly responsible for putting Wolverine on the path that would eventually lead us all here--for good or for ill--to this movie. Hmmm... full circle, how nice. Will they screw it up? Will they take what is a pretty straight forward, fun, cool and seminal to the character tale and crash it into the ground?

Maybe. Probably, to be honest.

But maybe not. This poster tells me that there's at least one person somewhere deep in the Modern Money Making Machine of Hollywood that is 20th Century Fox who still has some taste and insight, and some skills too, because that poster is God damn fantastic.

I'd put that on my wall,

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