Friday, October 12, 2012

Fringe - Wanted: Olivia Dunham

It's Friday, Friday (gotta get down on Friday, right?) and Friday means: New Fringe episode! Which is good. Have you been watching? If not, let me tell you, Season Five is going like a house'afire. The band is back together, they've played a couple of warm-up home gigs and now they're going out on the road.

So yeah, the entire Fringe team, with the notable and disappointing exception of Gene the Cow, have all finally been recovered. Peter and Olivia have been reunited, but all is not hunky-dory smoosh-wise for those two. There's still love there, but it's strained and distant. Apparently their relationship has hit a rough patch since the last time we saw them in the past--the day the Observers invaded--and the moment when they were found in the future, frozen in amber.

Olivia, it should be noted, makes for a lovely coffee table.

The trouble, not surprisingly, began when they lost their daughter Etta, barely a toddler at the time, during the confusion of the Other's attack. And not lost meaning dead by the way, but lost meaning missing. This, also not so surprisingly, resulted in our favorite world-saving super-science adventurer couple splitting up. Olivia followed Walter to New York to join the Resistance organizing against the Observers, while Peter stayed in Boston to hunt frantically for Etta.

Obviously, neither one of them was particularly successful.

Meanwhile, Etta has grown up in a gray and dreary dystopian world, she grew up fast and she grew up mean, her fists got hard and her wits got keen; she's just like the boy in the song A Boy named Sue by Johnny Cash, except that she's a girl and her name is Etta. It's maybe a good thing she's such a hard-ass though, because without her, the team would have never escaped the amber.

(Psssst--which might be tied in with how/why she was lost all those years ago in the first place, IMHO. I'm not saying the Observers are Time Travelers or nothing or insinuating that maybe one of the team traveled back and made sure it happened so that the future could be saved, but... oh wait... yes, I am.)

And so, after no small amount of some very actiony running about, the team discovers that, before they were all ambered, Walter and the still missing friendly Observer September had come up with an end-game plan for dealing with the not-so-friendly Observers and that, in order to ensure the plan's security, they fractured it into pieces and hid it in Walter's mind as well as on some old VHS tapes, rightly assuming that no one except Walter would have a VCR in the future (or now, for that matter). Unfortunately, they also discover that a briefly captured Walter's torture at the hands of the old fart Observer-in-charge known as Windmark has scrubbed the memories of those plans from his head. So now their only hope of finding out what that plan was lies in finding those video tapes and since they were apparently squirrelled away all over the wide, wide world... or at least, along the immediate East Coast, that means: Road Trip! Pack some sodas and some Red Vines, people, for the dark and strange new world of the future awaits! DANE-GER ZONE!

Which is where we left off for tonight...

I'm excited to see what's in store for our heroes even if, at first blush, tonight's episode appears to be just another installment of that age-old classic (read: tired out) sci-fi trope: "Don't judge the ugly too soon, because you might find out that they're not bad; in fact, they could actually be nice. Gross, yeah, but nice." Hopefully there will be a little bit more to it than that. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, here's a nice little teaser promo to whet your whistle with.

See ya' tonight,

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