Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fringe - Season 5

The new season of Fringe has begun. I finally watched the opening episode just the other night and I loved it. Everything is new and different now, and I can't wait for what lies ahead.

Fringe has long been a show of sudden shift and change.

The show started out as a FBI procedural that investigated the weird, a kind of X-Files type thing, but more focused on the wreckage of cold war super science and black op programs than on aliens and conspiracy. People frozen in amber. Porcupine Hulks. Acid trip shared dreams. But these things had a thread the tied them together, all that weirdness slowly knitting itself into a tapestry that revealed the existence of a shadowy organization lurking behind it all.

After that the show became a hunt, a search for impossible answers, a thriller, still weird, still crazy. They fought shapeshifters and teleporters. They encountered time travelers and hopped dimensions. There was an old typewriter that typed messages from other worlds, all by itself. When the enemy and his agenda was finally revealed, so were other long-buried secrets. An inter-dimensional war with a parallel earth, a race for dominance against a dying world, and all started by an error in judgement, a mistake made for the sake of a desperate love by a grieving father.

Then it was a fight.

Supersoldiers. Dopplegangers. Strange abilities. Alternate worlds, twisted twins. A race to recover ancient technology in order to save two universes that had become entangled. But healing that rift only sent a mad man over the edge, propelling him on a quest to destroy everything.

And heroes did what heroes do. The world was saved, but only for so long.

A jump ahead. Twenty years.

Now, in the fifth and final season, the Fringe team has found themselves cast adrift in a whole new world, a dark and dangerous one. They are stranded in time and onto the losing side of an ongoing conflict, a war for the entire planet against the near omnipresent might of the Observers, temporal invaders from a catastrophically ravaged far-flung future.

What lies ahead? Let's watch the trailer for the upcoming season:

Obviously, I am super-excited.

Especially considering this new switch has set the show in a dystopian future and Lord knows, I am a sucker for a good dystopian future. Lucky for me, it's also an all around great show. There seems to have been too many lately that have an intriguing premise, but fall way short of their promise. So, it's nice that Fringe is so well done, smart, funny, and cool. Not to mention the incredible character work of the actors and the writers, which is amazing and oddly unheralded. A true oversight.

I'm going to try to return here and talk about the season as it progresses. Maybe not after every episode, but at least somewhat regularly. That's my hope.

Watch for it,

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