Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Done by Summer's End - Week Nine

Sunrise, sunset...

Here we are, the end of a long road.

What's that? Oh, you hadn't heard? Well, guess what...?

Somewhere about 3 AM this morning? The 1st Draft was finished.


90,000 words and around a year's time since first beginning, give or take. Voila! A complete story now sits before me. Complete... more or less. More less than more, to be honest, but close enough. First drafts are first drafts after all, you have to embrace their ugly asses. They are whole, but they are not complete, they are hobbled and ugly and never quite fully set. But that doesn't matter, all of that will come later.

And until then...

It's still done. It's completed. It's a thing that exists that I created. I mean, I don't want to brag here... okay, sure, maybe I do, whatever.... I've written two whole books, kids. Two. Most people never even write one. That's kind of cool. Especially since that's what writers do, right? They write books. More importantly, they finish the books they start out writing. They close. That's important, kids. Always Be Closing. ABC, ya' hear me? You know why?

That's right, Alec. Because Coffee is for Closers. I like coffee.

In fact, pardon me a moment while I help myself... Ah! Delicious. Anyway, while yes, it can be said that nothing's come from either one of my two books (yet), that was still me. I did that. I'm proud of it, because that shit wasn't easy. In fact, it so wasn't easy that my next step is to take a break, or at least, take a break from the just completed 1st Draft of my WIP. Nothing big, just a short rest before continuing on my long journey. Completing this 1st Draft was a victory, but it was a small one. An important one, but small all the same, and in the end, merely the first step of many still to come.

Daunting, but not paralyzing, at least not completely, not this time anyway, and this next step is the easiest. Do nothing. Like a fresh pie in the window sill, my newly completed draft is gonna chill for a bit. It's gonna stew in its own juices while I try out the first couple of chapters on my next project. I might even whip up a quick short story. I've been thinking about something lately, a time travel idea, something fun and wild and not at all inspired or influenced by Looper (a film that is truly great, btw, you should go see it right away), not at all, that is, except for the fact that the market might be a little ripe for such a topic at the moment.

So, that's the current plan, the 1st Draft is done and I'm riding my own melt. In a day or two I'll sit myself down and explore this new project a little, maybe that short story too, and then, in a few weeks time...?

The 2nd Draft begins...

After that, shit is gonna get a bit rocky.

A Closer,

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