Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Done by Summer's End - Week Eight

It's a tentative celebration here at Casa de Hansen--actually the Salt Mines, for the moment, but later at Casa de Hansen--because I have finally hit the end of my WIP. That's right, the first draft is done.


Tentative, remember?

I should clarify. I'm pretty much done, but I'm not completely done, not yet. The last of the old story stuff I pasted in still needs to be edited and shaped a bit and I have to finish two more new scenes for the ending to round out, but all that should be done by this weekend. So I'm not completely done. I'm almost done. And by this time next week...

Which will be awesome.

The first draft of my second book will be done, hitting at just over 90,000 words and created in less than a year (give or take) and finished only a month or so behind my anticipated schedule. That is not bad. Not bad at all. It gives me hope for the future and my upcoming project.

Which I actually started a little bit... Last night.

Just a little bit.

Here's the story. Basically, I had a bad writing weekend, I was visiting family, so it wasn't totally wasted or anything, but I didn't get any writing done. Come Monday, post travel... I vegged. Tuesday was going to be the big work day. That was the plan. Tuesday was going to redeem a lackadaisical week. Tuesday... I napped. It's the wife's fault, honestly. We napped and I woke up late, so my work on my WIP last night was a pell-mell, out-of-control, hellbent, downhill rush. All output, no finesse. And man, I blasted through to the ending. And once done, it was late, late-late, and I didn't want to start doing a comb-thru, even a quick one. I was tired. Wednesday and Thursday are the dreaded double shift days, I was going to need my rest.

The plan was to check some e-mail and then rack out.

Well, it turns out, I had e-mailed some ideas to myself, things to remember for the next book I'll be working on, the project I've been developing on the side and have been planning to explore while my current WIP cools between drafts. However, when I opened the e-mail to get those notes and save them to their folder, I discovered that I had somehow neglected to create a folder for all of my Rebel Clever Girl bric-a-brac thus far.

So I did. And I saved all the notes and whatever. Then I thought: Well... since I'm here and all, I might as well get the document ready, just so that it'll be there and ready when--

I wrote the first couple of pages. Not a lot, but a healthy start.

It felt good. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be something.

writin', profilin'

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