Monday, September 24, 2012

Done by Summer's End - Week Seven

I'm closing in, kids. The end is in sight. Last night I finished up about half of Chapter 17. I may be able to finish up the rest of it tonight, and if not by tonight, then at least by tomorrow as the last half also has to do with a lot of already written stuff. And once that's done?

There's only one chapter left, people.

One. Chapter 18. The wrap-up, as they say. The denouement, if you want to be fancy-pantsy, or otherwise known around here as Easy-peesy Lemon Squeezy...

At least, I hope so. It should go well.

I say that because I've known the ending for a long time now. Ever since I started, to be honest with you. It's familiar territory. It's pretty classic. Victories and sacrifices, an ending for some characters, a beginning for others. It closes down this story and maybe opens up the possibility of future ones.

So that's good news.

Plus, I've been devoting an used section of my head to the pondering of some of the potential second draft questions I'll probably be encountering and the good news with that is, the poor bastards back there in the dark, toiling away on that problem, have started to send up flares, bright arcing bursts of inspiration. Sometimes it's nothing, but sometimes... Well, none of it is anything I'm ready to talk about just quite yet, it's all pretty nebulous still, but it's promising, I'll say that, maybe even radical, shifting even... at least, as far as the current narrative is concerned. Either way, I'm starting to feel a little better about the possibility of this WIP making it through its hoops and stages and maybe eventually taking a shot at becoming a real live book.

Fingers crossed.

Not to be outdone, the Rebel Clever Girl advance/exploratory crew that have been working diligently in a separate section of my head, shaping and querying, wondering and plotting, have been sending up idea flares of their own for the big desk in the front of my brain to examine and reject, or maybe to write down and stare at, stroking the words lovingly as I imagine the possibilities. In just the past few days, a pair of new characters have taken shape and have managed to find a way to click neatly in with the main characters and the general idea of the plot. All very nice and right and looking tight and on purpose. So that's feeling strong, at the moment, and I'm excited to see what it looks like on paper finally.

Which is the best news, of course--to come full circle--because I am near the end of this current WIP and once I finish up Chapters 17 and 18 here in the next week or so and my Shitty First Draft is finally done, I'll get my chance at last.

I can't wait. Stick around, see what happens.


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