Saturday, August 25, 2012

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

Last year I posted a series of webisodes called Dragon Age: Redemption -- starring nerd-goddess cutie-patootie Felicia Day -- all for your entertainment, well maybe not for your entertainment, really. Honestly, as it turns out, it wasn't really for my entertainment either. P.U. stinky, know what I mean? In the end, it was just LARPing with delusions of granduer... So, in the spirit of failed experiments, good intentions and perhaps a somewhat foolhardy belief in kind of undeserved second chances I've decided to try again with a new webseries.

Hope springs eternal and as such, kids, I present to you:

FORWARD UNTO DAWN! So stupid. Who came up with that name? $10 says it was some game-nerd who has watched 300 one too many times (Once is too many times...). At first listen, the title sounds all "Once more unto the breach, dear friends", but it's actually just another scabby bastard child hopelessly lacking in self-awareness and formed out of the hope that it will hopefully cling to the familiar shape of its parent-words, since the meaning is pretty much out of the question. FORWARD! UNTO DAWN! Yeah? And do you know why? That's right, because it's always darkest before the dawn. See what they did there? Oooooooo... God damn, that's deep...

No. No, it's not. It's dumb.

Hmmm... Let's hope the title choice isn't really a sign of things to come, but it probably is. Oh well, it's a webseries... Anyway, let's watch the trailer, shall we? SHALL WE?

(Note to J-Town: The "Pincer Movement = Japanese Crane Wing Attack)

Could be interesting. Could be fun. It looks like there was some money put behind the sets and the costumes, which is hopeful. And it doesn't look like a lot of bad CGI and greenscreen present, which is great. The acting looks decent, what little of it you really get to experience. I love the inclusion of the Warthog and it's always nice to see the Master Chief show up. Ok, I intend to follow this thing as it shows up; I'll post each new video... I mean: webisode, as soon as I see it.

Stay tuned.

Also, here's a little extra character bit to watch, it's called: Enlist.

Right on. Nice haircut, boot. Try not to get killed. (Note to audience: Unlikely.)

Kick some Covenant ass, Chief,

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