Monday, August 27, 2012

Done by Summer's End - Week Three

Hey kids, me again.

I finished Chapter 14 on Sunday. Which is awesome.

Then I did some plotting. I finished the first half of Chapter 14 in a rush on Saturday, so I decided to start out Sunday with some coffee and some brainstorming. I wanted to figure out in more concrete terms what I wanted to do with the end of the book, what I had to do at the end of the book, and how exactly I was going to go about it all. So I did

And, well... this is awkward...

I still have four chapters left. That's at least two more chapters than I initially estimated. But then, I suppose that's why it is called an "estimate". Of course, depending on how things shake out once I start doing the actual writing in the coming days and weeks, this could actually end up as a give or take a chapter or two situation, but until then, yeah... it looks like there's four chapters left.

So what does this mean for you?

Nothing. Why would it?

Well, nothing except Done by Summer's End is not happening. Partially because four more chapters is a good chunk of verbiage to put down, but mostly because there's only one week left in summer...

Oh well.

The upside is, I had a 3500 word weekend and now the end of the first draft is totally within sight. Do you know what that means? It means that I will soon be done with the shitty first draft of my second novel. That's awesome. Most folks never even complete one novel, even after several attempts, so I'm feeling pretty good about that particular accomplishment at the moment.

As to how I'll be feeling about myself, my latest book, and my writing in general in a month or two, especially after the first read-through in preparation to begin a second draft, well... we'll cross that most likely scary and terrible bridge when we get to it.

A problem for another day.


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