Friday, August 10, 2012

Done by Summer's End - Week One

Ok so, just to catch up the folks in the cheap seats...

My name is Jon. This is my blog. I am a writer and as such, one of the many things I enjoy doing is writing stories. Specifically, whole books or I try to, at least. Anyway, I have very nearly pushed the giant boulder that is my second Work in Progress (or WIP to the cool kids in the know...) to the top of the big hill know as The First Draft. Very nearly. Almost.

Any day now...

This is good news for all the obvious reasons, but mostly because my plan when I started this book in earnest, way back when in the long ago month of January, knee-deep within the frigid grip of the winter of '12, was to finish the first draft by the end of summer. At the time that seemed reasonable, it seemed easy-peasy lemon-squeesy, y'know? Eight to nine months from now? 90,000-ish words, give or take? Sure. Why not? No problem, right?



So, I started out. What else can you do? See, like the lead singer of Live taught us in that song from the Hobbit: the greatest adventure is what lies ahead.

I was so damn hopeful.

And then suddenly, here we are on the far side of a hellishly hot and doggedly miserable summer, the cool breezes of fall only now beginning to lick its cool relief across our feverish brows, and I find that I am only three or four chapters away from being First Draft Done.

WTF, man, right? I have no idea how but I did it. Three or four chapters? I am nearly done, thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for its myriad of blessing, because as many of you long time readers may remember me mentioning a time or two... this draft has been a bitch. Just terrible. Mean. Stubborn. Unwieldy. Ugly. Misshapen. Nothing but a pain in my ass. But now...? Now, the end is in sight and that's a mighty fine good deal. Three or four chapters left? Three or four weeks until Summer's End? That's do-able, folks. Do-able. And not just do-able, the symmetry makes it seem like it was meant to be. I can totally do this. I have a whole month.

However, today is the end of the first week.

Shit. That kind of snuck up on me...

So how did I do?

Ehhh... the first third of a chapter is done.

Didn't quite make it... yeah, so right from the start I'm a little behind. Off like a herd of turtles, as they say. However, this weekend is open for me, so I'll have a chance to catch up. I can do that. I can be done by summer. I really can. I can do it. Come on, it's only another 25,000 or so words to hit my target. No problem. I can totally do that.

Hopefully. Wish me luck.

See ya' next week, kids,

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