Thursday, July 26, 2012


You all know about Filmzilla, right? It's a video store. We used to be Nicollet Village Video? You know, four movies, four days, five dollars? I'm sure you know it. It's like Clerks, but in real life and color... and snarkier? We're open til midnight 365 days a year? Anyway, I work there part time when I'm not slaving away at the Salt Mines. I've probably mentioned it before now. Here's our latest commercial starring the always happenin' Fancy Ray.

But here's the kicker... Did you know that Filmzilla has a blog? True story. Guess what else. On occasion I have been known to post a thing or two over there. Just two, actually. Twice. I've only posted twice, but I'm sure I'll post more. Maybe next week. Here's a link to my posts in general, you can find them under the label: "Jon". But more specifically, here is the link to my post detailing the 10 crimes of Eddie Murphy and here is the link to my Top 5 Christopher Lambert movies. I hope you enjoy them. Be sure to check back regularly for more from me in the future, or to enjoy the plethora of film recommendations posted by Filmzilla's very own, Scream Queen Rachel Grubb.

And of course, if you're in the area, feel free to swing by and say hi. We'll be there and we'd love to see you. Just remember, at Filmzilla, our motto is simple: "Shut up". Also: "Don't be dumb, rent a movie".

Words to live by, kids. Words to live by.

Shut up,

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