Saturday, April 28, 2012


SubWars is a awesome little short film I found at Io9 by Sean Soong. It's about being polite and respectful. It's about bloody, bloody revenge. It's about all of that and yet so much more, such as--like most religions--the threat of an otherworldly old man in a big white beard suddenly showing up to mete out a little bit of the ol' eye-for-an-eye type of classic punishment. However, in this particular case, the old man snubbed and slighted and forced to stand on the subway just so happens to be a retired Sith Lord.

Tremble, fools, tremble at his Darkside wrath...

Ya'know, if any of y'all are ever wondering what to get me for my birthday, you can't really go wrong with a real lightsaber. Not a fake one, of course, you can totally be wrong with that, but a real one...? That's a solid gold gift right there, folks. Solid gold. Just FYI...

Urban Jedi,

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