Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

What is this?

What's going on here?

This is an updated adaptation of the fairytale of Snow White and it's starring Kirsten Stewart and it kind of looks like it might be kind of good... KIRSTEN STEWART, people!

Did I spell her name right?

...Who cares.

Anyway, just to hear the film described, you wouldn't think a movie like that would pique my interest, because it just sounds terrible. Like I said a couple of sentences ago, it's an updated adaptation of the fairytale of Snow White and it stars Kirsten Stewart. That sounds terrible, right? I'm not alone in this, right? It sounds Goddamn terrible. She's terrible. And the idea of an updated "kick ass" version of Snow White? Come on! That sounds terrible, right?

And yet...

The first trailer alone put it on my 20 films I'm looking forward to list and after watching this trailer... shit, man, the film actually looks kind of awesome. I mean, granted, Kirsten Stewart could still ruin it, but there is definitely an A for effort waiting for the director and production crew at the very least. At the very least.

Don't believe me? Watch the trailer.

Pretty sweet, right? Who would've thought? Amazing... and Kirsten Stewart is definitely in it, too. You all saw her, she's all over that film. And yet... looks good.

2012 Cinema Fun Fact
No less than THREE of the 20 films I am looking forward to this year feature Chris Hemsworth. Weird, huh?


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