Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three years and a Dragon

You read that right, folks. Three years. That's how long I've been doing this thing here. Three years. I have been blogging the same approximate amount of time as the amount of time that I had been alive before I first saw Star Wars.

In other words... A long, dark eternity.

Was that geeky?

Probably, yes, but eh... whatta ya' gonna do? I yam what I yam. If it makes a difference, Little Ms. Super-cute Wife and I are going to go stand in line for Twins tickets this weekend. Of course, it's her idea. Also, if I'm being honest, I'm only going because we'll probably have breakfast somewhere afterwards, but whatever. Sports, man, that's some manly shit right there.


So anyway, three years and a week-ish or so ago, I started this blog. Since that time I have finished my first novel and I've started shopping it around. I've joined a good writing group. I have rambled on about movies and comics and TV shows that I like and hate. I've posted a literal buttload of trailers and short films. I managed to get my first short story published, it will be appearing in the upcoming anthology: Cifiscape, volume 2 and I have started my next novel. It's been a pretty productive three years. Well, "productive", but y'know... eye of the beholder, right? But let's not dwell, all of that is in the past, it's behind us, virtual blog water under the Internet bridge, instead let's look to the future, let's talk about the future, because in the future, there be Dragons!

Poor guy.

So, yes, my second novel!

Right now it's called Monsters, but that's just a working title. I'll settle on something more permanent later. You can't really worry about stuff like that too much. Titles happen. I know some people say they can't start a project unless they know the title, but that just sounds like an excuse to me, and excuses are bullshit. So for right now, it's called Monsters.

In the larger sense, Monsters is a story of a world that has been wrecked by the sudden apocalyptic reappearance of magic, by the return of monsters and nightmares. There are Empires, both great and small, that have clawed their way up from the rubble and built a new world, they struggle and war against themselves, against each other and against the vicious hungry darkness that lurks beyond the firelight. More specifically, it's about how a Dragon burned out the settlement that lived among the ruins of Minneapolis and then roosted in the shattered remnants of it's tallest tower. It's about a disgraced soldier in the armies of Duluth, crippled and dying from Dragonfire burns, sent into the Cities to kill the monster and to re-take the ruins with only a team of convicts--murderers, rapists, rebels, and thieves--to aid him. More succinctly, it's The Dirty Dozen vs. a Dragon.

I'm really enjoying the work. Right now I'm well into, and almost done with, the 7th chapter. It should be done (well, Shitty First Draft "done") this weekend, with Chapter 8 right behind. Once those two chapters are put to bed, that will be the first third of the book, with a word count of somewhere in the upper 30,000 plus range. That's not too shabby, especially considering that I only started this book for real in January.

I'm going to be talking about this more and more in the coming days. This and a few opportunities out there that may or may not come to fruition. Keep an eye on this blog-o-mine, folks, because I think this year has got some good things in store for me.


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