Thursday, December 1, 2011

John Carter of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs is the man who created Tarzan.

Perhaps lesser known, he is also the creator of the pulp adventurer: John Carter. Carter is a Civil War veteran and later a gold prospector who, when wounded and dying after an attack by Apaches in the Arizona desert, awakens to find himself on Mars.


Don't worry about it. Shit happens.

The important part is that he ends up on Mars.

He quickly discovers that, due to the lower gravity, he can jump like a crazy man and is really strong. So, naturally (being an American) he starts breaking stuff and fighting multi-armed Martians and multi-armed gorillas and maybe even a multi-armed tiger too. There's a definite evolutionary theme goin' on there... Anyway, he also meets a beautiful and butt-naked Princess by the name of Dejah Thoris and, shock of all shocks, he finds her really attractive. And it turns out, he's not the only one and as a result: War on the Red Planet. This puts John Carter on the path to becoming the warrior-savior of what the natives call Barsoom, to becoming the Warlord of Mars.

Burroughs wrote tons of books in this series, the first being Princess of Mars, and they're fun, crazy, early 20th century pulp adventures. They're a great time, but just distinctively weird because they're a product of both the time and Burrough's wild imagination. Because of all this, the John Carter of Mars series is one of those projects that most level-headed geeks consider better left alone by Hollywood.

But Lord knows they can't do that, so...

Hmmm... I'll admit it, it looks pretty good. It looks really good, actually. Dejah Thoris is notably NOT butt-naked, but hey... can't win 'em all, I guess... Anyway, at first glance, I am kind of interested. The end product, the dialogue, the acting, the story adaptation, it might all turn out to be terrible, time will tell, but right now it looks promising. Or at least fun.

Here's hoping,
Jon Hansen of Minnesota


Shawn Enderlin said...

Interesting side note is that the star, Taylor Kitsch, was eye candy for - um, I mean one of the stars of Friday Night Lights. (Both are true, actually.)

Oh, and he also played Gambit in X-men Origins: Wolverine

PS - I'm so fucking bored today

Jon said...

Yes, this is his big break. After the whole Gambit/X-men Origins debacle...