Friday, November 4, 2011

Dragon Age: Redemption - Nyree (Episode 4)

Well, well, well... Episode four. Let's have a little look-see, shall we?


You have to respect people for doing stuff like this. You have to respect the effort. To have the desire, the drive, and the discipline to see it all through to the end? It's no small thing and it deserves some applause in its own right.

But... good lord.

I mean, wow. I've watched four of these now and some... ok, most... ok, pretty much all of it is just... wow. Right? The exposition around the table? First of all, what the hell was that Reaver lady even saying? I couldn't pick up half of it. Secondly, why would anyone care? Why should we? I am loathe to get all critique-y on something Felicia Day is responsible for, because she's awesome, but I feel so far removed from the stakes of this thing. I mean, what are we here for? The characters have their oft-stated motivations, but shit, man, it just seems so unimportant, so distant and insignificant. And the fights don't even come close to redeeming the snail's pace dialogue and plot. They're the worst part. They're painful. I'll be honest, at this point, I'm only sticking around because I've spent so much time on this thing already.

But oh well, right? Whatta ya' gonna do? It is what it is. You gotta love the guy with the big hammer though, right? Hilarious. Imagine living in a world where someone would bring something like that into your house, because it's theirs. They just walk around, lugging a giant cinder block with them... It's ridiculous.


The funny part is, I bet there are folks out there who are just digging the shit out of this series, too. I'm not going to bother, but I bet if I spent just a little time looking, I'd find them. Probably legions of them. And they probably love the shit out of it. I don't understand it and I am constantly shocked by just how low some of the genre community's acceptable quality standards are, but good for them, I guess, love what you love. Right? We all have our weaknesses, our own bad tastes despite clear evidence to the contrary, our bad choices despite apparent common sense.

Myself, for example.

It will soon be my birthday and on that date I will officially be older than dirt. And the plan for the big night goes like this: Little Ms. Super-cute Wife and I will first go to Manny's Steakhouse, because it's delicious. And then, we will be going to this...

Is it going to be ridiculous?

Most likely, yes.

Will I love the shit out of it?

Fuck yeah.


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