Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Richard K. Morgan's THE COLD COMMANDS

This is the book trailer for The Cold Commands, the second volume in Richard K. Morgan's A Land Fit for Heroes series.

The story kind of goes like this:
Set in a noir, far future world--maybe our world's future--it is a world that has recently won its Great War. The Lizard folk invaded and the people rallied, put aside their old hatreds, and cast the invaders back into the seas from whence they came. Huzzah! ...Then they all turned on each other. Alliances crumbled and petty squabbles over the lines on a map soaked the ground with the blood of warriors who were once friends and stalwart companions. It's a world where stubborn ignorance and religious driven hatred rule the day and the moment where good stood together and the world could have been something great is now long gone. And no one knows this better than the world's heroes, beaten down and scattered, their golden moment of glory has given way to the long dark of smoky bars and regret tinged ghosts.

They are:
Ringil Angeleyes, a once storied Hero-of-Legend whose homosexuality drove him into exile, he is now forced to live off his reputation at the edge of the world.
Egar Dragonbane once saw the great cities and once rode a Dragon down to its fiery death, he now wallows in boredom amongst his nomadic, superstitious hick kin.
Archeth Indamaninarmal is the last of her kind, a half breed left behind by her Father's mysterious and technologically advanced people, she is now serving an Empire she no longer believes in and an Emperor barely worth his crown.

These three former companions now find themselves on a path towards a new war, a war against a darker evil, a more powerful and more dangerous foe than the Lizards ever were, with a world that none of them are even sure is worth saving hanging in the balance.

It's good and after a long wait, it's finally out. You can get it here. My own copy is currently winging its way toward me as we speak. Can't wait. I'll planning on reviewing it over at the Scribblerati in a few weeks.

Stay tuned.


Shawn Enderlin said...

I don't get book trailers.

Jon said...

Me neither, but I've been meaning to talk about the book anyway, so...