Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Avengers

May 4th, 2012

Seven months from now, give or take.

That's how long I have to wait. Seven months. Seven months before the Avengers finally hits theatres. Am I excited? Mmmm... Yes. Yes, you could say that. You could say that I am... a little bit... excited. Or you could say: a lot. I am a lot excited. I can't help it, you see. It's deep in me. I was born with it. It's ingrained in me, you see, it's down in my bones, ya'know? Bone-deep, as they say, I have a bone-deep excitement for this movie here:

This movie is something I never thought/expected/dared to hope to see, so "barely constrained giddy excitement" is now my middle name. I am Jonathan Barely Constrained Giddy Excitement Hansen... nice to meet you. I watched this trailer, wide-eyed and hunched over my computer, and all I could do was squeak... once... quietly... It was either that or explode, spewing Geek juice and Olive Oil from last night's dinner everywhere.

I don't want that. Do you want that? You don't want that. No one wants that.

Imagine the clean-up. Ick.

So I squeaked.

So excited.

But wait, you say... who are the Avengers?

First off, congratulations on moving away from that desert island.

Secondly, in a nutshell, the Avengers are basically Marvel Comics' version of the Justice League (DC Comics' version of the Avengers). It's a gathering of heroes who have come together to take on the threats that no single hero could face alone. It's explosions and fisticulls galore! It's more bang for your buck. It's the biggest, baddest, and brightest galivanting around town in their fancy outfits, willy-nilly and handing out the big beatdowns to whomever comes askin'. It's a woo-hoo good time, folks.

In the real world, The Avengers is that, plus the biggest summer movie ever made, ever attempted even. It's the culmination of four major film franchises (Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk) crashing together into one giant-ass, money-gobbling monster. Try to deny it, you can't. You're powerless before the coming PR storm. Kneel! Kneel before the rise of the Whedon!

Oh, yeah... This is going to be good. Anyway, you'll probably hear me talk about this more in the coming days and weeks, just FYI.


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