Thursday, September 22, 2011


Been awhile, huh?

But are you really all that surprised?

You shouldn't be, you long-time readers at least, as my pattern should be somewhat obvious and reliablly consistent at this point. But for the cheap seats and brand new ticket holders, I'll explain. You see, I write stuff, sometimes stories, sometimes blogs, sometimes threatening letters to the editor posing as a homicidal 11 year old girl/strident pony advocate...

But I digress...

What I mean to say is: I am currently unemployed and job huntin' like a mother fucker and over the course of this new life-path it has become painfully obvious to me that, without the benefit of regular employment, it is very difficult to find the time to blog with any regularity.

I suppose we all have our crosses to bear...

Anyway, since I haven't been blogging too often of late--something I will be changing over the next week or so, as I have several new blogs a'coming--the question on all of your lips must be:

Or more likely: What have you been doing lately? Or as our mild-tempered Canadian brothers and sisters might say: Been writin', eh?


Yes, I have.

Now, I know I've been talking about a couple of these for a bit now, but seriously, I am standing on the precipice here, kids. My novel pitch letter is about to go out, next week for sure. I have two short stories with maybe one more quick draft needed and then I will query a few on-line magazines with them, probably not too long after the pitch letter goes out, I suspect. AND I've got a third short story I'll be wrapping up and sending out in the next... eh... let's say week and a half to be safe. That story is going to be submitted for the second volume of a local anthology called Cifiscape (You can find Volume One here). Let's hope they like it. Fingers crossed. So, not only is all of that going on, I'm also knee deep in critiques of the beta draft WIPs for fellow Scribblerati Agents Shawn Enderlin and Claudia Hankin.

Work, work, work.

AND: Monday's a big day, BTW. Monday is the first day of the new class I will be taking at the Loft. It's called: Grounding the Fantastic and it is taught by a man named David Oppegaard, a name with no shortage of vowels, let me tell ya'. Here's the course description:

"A multigenre course open to all levels of students interested in literary, fantasy, horror, and science fiction, this class will focus on creating a realistic story that grounds even the most unusual tale in a recognizable world. Inspired by authors as varied as Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Cormac McCarthy, and Toni Morrison, this class will discuss several multigenre craft topics and use in-class writing exercises to further investigate these storytelling methods. Then, using what we have learned, we will read and reflect upon one another’s stories in a workshop-style discussion facilitated by the teaching artist. Together, we will go down the rabbit hole of slipstream fiction and discover the multitude of possibilities waiting on the other side. $5.00 copy fee."

It certainly sounds fanciful, doesn't it? All this loose talk of rabbit holes, slipstreams, mulitudes, copy fees... Let the dreaming begin, amirite? So, that's exciting. I always enjoy a new class, new people, new stories, new perspectivess, it really gets the juices flowing. Plus, the last time I took a class at the Loft, I bitched on the comment card about the lack of genre fiction classes offered, so I'm trying to support what is hopefully the herald of a new direction.

Busy, busy, busy. Things to do, things to do.

Anyway, my dear Readers, be sure to look for some more blogs from me this week.

I'll be posting something over at the Scribblerati tomorrow, probably more update stuff, and then the following week I am planning on putting up a review of Nicolas Winding Refn's new movie: Drive, as well as a review/commentary on the new Ultimate Spider-man: Miles Morales. After that, well... who knows? Sky's the limit, right, Miles?

So, keep an eye out and tune in.
Or else...

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