Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This weekend... and beyond!


I've got to go do some errands today, so this is just a quick post concerning a few things I'm looking forward to or I think are neat or whatever.

First up: the new Conan.

Yes, I'll admit, I'm going to go see this. It will probably be terrible, I completely understand that, and it definitely looks like they took Robert E. Howard and EXTREMED it, but... what can I say? I'm interested. You see, I grew up in a time when Hollywood couldn't get enough of two types of films.

1. The Mad Max/Post-apocalyptic movie.
2. The Sword and Sorcery/Barbarian movie.

The reason? They were cheap and easy. All you needed was some shoulder pads, a little chain mail, a washed up bikini model and some kind of drug-baby mutant freak looking guy and then you drove about two hours east of Los Angeles and used some mountains, or better yet, desert as your set. After that it was easy. I loved these types of films as a kid. They're kind of hard to revisit now, but whatever, so are SpaghettiOs. Anyway, this guy, Jason Momoa? He was on Stargate: Atlantis (which was terrible and stupid and not worthy of an informative link) and he had this awful lion's mane head of golden dreadlocks and... they were fucking terrible. BUT, he played Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and not only was he great, but he cut his hair, so I'm thinking, if the movie is terrible, I don't think it will be because of him. It comes out this weekend, so I'm going.

Then we have the second action-extravaganza coming out this weekend: Columbiana.

I'm a little ambivalent on this film. I like Zoe Saldana and I don't blame her Avatar's stupidity, plus, she was really great as Uhura. Now, granted, the Losers was one of my picks for Top Ten Worst Films of 2010, but she's good. This film, though... it looks like another Jason Bourne, another Salt, another fill-in-the-blank one man/woman super-assassin killer army. I like those movies, sure, but only when they're good, so you know, this could be terrible. Especially because it was written by the club-footed baboons that wrote Taken, which was in the top 5 of my Top Ten Worst Films of 2009. Wow, that's quite a pedigree,  now that I look at it. Hmmm... maybe I'll wait for video for this one.

Next: The new Immortals trailer.

I've talked about this film before, right here. Now, granted, it looks like it's getting a little wobbly around the edges. It might get more than a little out of control crazy and fall apart, crashing down into the land of stupid, I mean, it stars Mickey Rourke for God's sake, but it brushes up against another childhood love: Greek Mythology, so I'm interested. I know what you're all thinking, I can hear you clearly. "Wow, Jon... you liked warrior of the wasteland, barbarian movies, Star Wars AND Greek Mythology... you must have been real cool..." Yeah? Well... shut up. Of course, the Greek myth geek in me instantly recognizes that these are EXTREMED versions of Greek myths, but it comes out close to my birthday (in case you wanted to send gifts). So I'm going.

Finally, Olly Moss is pretty awesome.

His poster work is amazing. Simple. Stark. Iconic. He has the ability to distill the essence of a movie down to a single image. He's the hot shit burning up the Internet nerds at the moment, understandably.

So, he gets a lot of work and one thing he's been doing for awhile now is the art/promo work for the game: Resistance: The Fall of Man, which is a run-of-the-mill First Person Shooter well known for having Olly Moss artwork. Now, the third Resistance Game is about to come out and instead of showcasing their boring, run-of-the-mill game play, they rightly choose to animate a bunch of Mr. Moss's artwork. It looks great.

So, there you go, kids. From me to you.
Thanks to Badass Digest for putting up some of these recently.


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