Friday, August 5, 2011

A little behind

Hey there kids,

So, I was sitting around, pickin' my ass today and suddenly I went: "Huh, I haven't posted at my blog lately, have I?" And you know what? I was right, I haven't posted lately. I really feel bad about this because there isn't much excuse... well, except for the usual one, of course.

That's right, I've been busy.

I have, I swear. I've been working on my thing for that one thing and I'm liking how it's shaping up, I've also been job hunting and doing housework and drinking coffee in the cool morning breeze on my backporch, so, yeah, all that's been distracting me. It's true. But it's been more than that, am I right? Yeah, I'm right. You know it and I know it. It's plain and simple, people, I've dropped the ball. That's what it is. No, no, it's true. There's no one to blame but myself. I dropped the ball. I hear you out there, I do. My inbox has been literally flooded...literally... well, not literally, not at all, in fact, but I can imagine it. Where's the content, man? That's what you'd ask. Where's the rambling diatribes? Where's the pictures of Le Sexy Ladies?


Yeah, you and me both, old man...

Ask and you shall receive. I'm like a genie in the bottle, all you gotta do is rub me the right way. I'd say that you could call me Ka-zaam, but Shaq already beat me to it, like he does with everything... the jerk.

So, anyway, what's the story, morning glory? Is that what you're looking for? What's been going on? Well, like I said, I've been working on that thing for that thing and it's going good. I think it'll be ready soon. Two weeks? Give or take? Yeah, that seems about right. Two weeks on the outside and then we move on to the next step. I'm also preparing an alternate pitch, as well, something to ride shotgun. It's good and sellable and it might end up working out better. We'll see, fingers crossed.

Other than that, I'm wrapping up the short stories. I'm hoping that will wrap up soon. Once I'm done with the thing, I may give the shorts another spin, call them good and pull the trigger, you know? Cross more fingers, please.

But what about the blog in the coming future?

Will I slack off again?


Deal with it. This is Mine, after all...

But, because I love you, my dear and constant readers, I will schedule some blogs for you all to look forward to. Next week: I have some plans. I plan on blogging over at the Scribblerati blog about Diversicon and then blogging over here about the Captain America movie. I also plan on seeing Rise of the Planet of the Apes, so I'll blog about that too.

So there, next week: Three blogs!


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