Saturday, July 23, 2011

High hopes and low expectations

Ok, I'll admit it, these "Things to look forward to" posts aren't really for you. They aren't for letting you know about cool things that are coming up or for the benefit of reminding you to mark your geek calendars, they are more about my obsessive need to have/collect things like this. When I like a trailer or a short film or something like that, I will occasionally watch it obsessively over and over and over again. Why? Because I wanna. Although, admittedly, there are some who might go so far as to label me as somewhat slightly OCD.


The point is, having a blog like this means I can centralize the things I like to watch again and again, so when I want to watch them, I can easily find them. Like these, for instance: The Great Cinematics. Go on, check them out, I'll wait.

Love those, so awesome, which leads me to my first bit of hoarding. This one is the third in the series of those Star Wars Cinematics that the link above will lead you to. There's kind of a continuing story, but not really. Enjoy...

I don't play these games any more because I have to do other things in my life now, like remembering to eat and shower and to sometimes go outside. Also, I know there is no way the games are anywhere near as cool as these things make them seem.

No way.

I'm not as big a fan of some of the character designs in this one, like Cowboy Bob for instance, but what can you do, there is an undeniable and unfortunate end of the geek spectrum that still thinks there's nothing cooler than trenchcoats and cowboy hats with oversized brims. Ugh. Regardless, this little film still showcases how pretty damn awesome the Star Wars Universe can be and reminds us of how so, so, so very bad the prequels were... sigh...

Moving on!

Next we've got Drive, which won Nicolas Winding Refn the Best Director prize at Cannes. How do you think you pronounce his last name? Anyway, check out the Red Band Trailer (Red Band means naughty... tee hee... although, I didn't quite catch where the naughty was, maybe someone swears...)

What a phenomenal cast, huh? Ryan Gosling. Bryan Cranston. Carey Mulligan. Christina Hendricks. Ron Perlman. Albert Brooks. I'm really excited for this. Super stylish and good looking, I love the white satin scorpion jacket, not to mention just about any movie about getaway drivers. Plus, this reminds me of a Steve McQueen movie and there ain't nothing wrong with that. This film is the "high hopes" part I mentioned in the blog's title.

Which brings us to the low expectations...

I really liked a lot of the things I saw here. I like the increase of tension a lot (The freeway scene looks particularly well done). I also like how they seem to be diverging from the comic a bit, as well. I think being shackled to the comic's continuity will do nothing but strangle what little creative space this show has, plus Shane and Daryl are the only two characters of any life, so keeping them around is a good thing. But in the end, I can't help but be reminded of how right everything looked before the debut of last season, and how fan-fucking-tastic the pilot episode was, and then how quickly and undeniably downhill the rest of the season went. Here's a link to my two-post review of the first season here and here. See? Disappointing, man.

Big time low expectations.

So there you go, three new things to watch out for.


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