Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Afternoon all,

Last night was a bit of a rough one for yours truly. What started out as a simple night, a quick couple of drinks, ended up turning into a long time lean at the bar with an age old and stalwart pal, J Town Jason. There was beer, beer, and more beer. And nachos, there were nachos too. Chit-chat, chit-chat, talk, talk, talk, and good times were had by all. This morning however… well, I am no longer a young man, so today became a sudden and much needed day off. Uff-dah, know what I mean? J Town was certainly staggered by it, as he was hunkered over and shouting for Huey against the porcelain chill of the toilet this afternoon.

So I had been planning on doing a blog in the next couple days or so, but being that I’m suddenly spending the day just killing some time until my regular Wednesday night shift over at Filmzilla, I thought I’d spend that time with you lovely people, my dear and constant readers, ever faithful, ever appreciated. And I thought, since it had been awhile since the last time I did one of these, that today was as good a day as any to run down my break down a little bit.

What’s that? Oh yeah, that’s right…


Gunslingers of the Apocalypse
The first three chapters were requested by an agent and sent off around two months ago. I’m hoping to hear back from them yay or a nay sometime in the coming weeks. (Pssst… I’m hoping for yay.) While all that’s going on, this weekend I need to check in on the rest of my queries currently out there in submission limbo, zero out any long time no-responses, update my Spreadsheet, and then I'll send out a new batch by early next week. As always, my friends, fingers crossed, yes?

Short story project
I’m feeling really good here. My initial plan was to have 6 to 8 “finished” short stories by spring/summer and then working on them to a submission ready level of quality so I could start sending them out. But this wasn’t just a quest for a certain quantity of quality stories that I could hopefully sell, maybe a bit yeah, but more so I wanted to break out of the edit mode I’d been in the past year and work myself back into a writing mode and let me tell ya’, so far, so good. Since my parole from the Day Prison, I have been chugging along like a house a’fire. I wrote The Little Things some time last year, but in the time since the lay-off, I’ve cranked out another three stories (each about 7000 words or so a piece), with a fourth story that is almost finished—at least first draft finished—and four more that are waiting patiently for their turn under the pen. So, ideally, I could have up to nine short stories in heavy edit rotation by sometime in the next two months.

Ideally, we’ll see.


The Little Things has had a title change. It’s now called: Billy Torch takes a beating. A little on the nose, sure, maybe, but is it more evocative? I think so. I’ve got one more round of edits on it, which I’m plan on inserting and adjusting this week and then I’ll start sending it out again.

The Plague of Man, The Road Home, and Station #47 all had some really good responses from the Scribblerati and are ready for me to get to work on them, adding, adjusting and re-writing their various bits and pieces before sending them out to others for more responses. That’ll all start to happen maybe next week. Probably next week.

Yash Scarlett and the Gates of Hell is almost finished. There’s about a third or so left to be written, which I’ll do most likely tomorrow and Friday, then I’ll read it and hammer at it and re-work it, blah, blah, blah. I want it ready for submission to the Scribblerati to critique at our meet, which is in about two weeks.

As for the other four, they are still unborn. Mostly they’re just notes and phrases and random what-not at the moment, each one saved into their own little separate file. We’ll see what they become in the coming weeks, I don’t know, but I have good feelings.

The new Novel project
Right now it’s looking like Monster is going to be my next novel project. Bastard out of Minnesota is trunked until there’s movement on Gunslingers of the Apocalypse and my untitled Superhero Epic is really nothing but wisps of ideas and a couple of situations and possible characters. I’m letting it simmer in the back of my head still, because it’s not ready to poke at yet.... yet…

So, Monster it is. Some of you may recall me talking about it before now, a failed short story that I couldn’t get to work out right. I’ve rewritten it and I’ve worked at it, but it just wouldn’t cooperate, it was all bulgy and ungainly, it was just too large to fit into a space so small, so… novel. Hopefully. My idea is to make a 90,000 word novel out of it, which will sit right in the middle of the “preferred word count” holy writ AND being that it’s a kind of dystopian future, urban fantasy tale, basically the Dirty Dozen vs. a Dragon, I think it’s sellable. Heh… unless it sucks…. Let’s hope it doesn’t. I’ll let you know. I expect to start working on it by June? Maybe? Hopefully. I think it’s a fun story and I like the settings and the characters a lot, so I’m looking forward to working on it.

That’s it, that’s my writing life, that’s where I’m at for the next couple of months. Fingers crossed for me, fingers crossed for you.

Later gators,

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