Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Great Cinematics

I would love to play these games. I would love to, but I can not. If I were to ever start playing them, I would never stop and I want to do things with my life, like not wear adult diapers and feed myself something besides Jolt and Cheetos, maybe even tan. I want to walk on my own, people, to live outside of a darkness lit only by the flickering blue flash of a computer screen...

So, I can't have these games, but I can love them from afar.

The first two are from the DCU Online game.

The next two make Star Wars great again, if only for a moment, a beautiful, beautiful moment...

My only consulation is the sure knowledge that there is no God damn way the games themselves are even a little bit as supremely awesome as the trailers would lead us to believe... no way, not even close.

I hope.

Seriously though, why aren't these people making full length movies?

Come on, Lucas!


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