Thursday, January 13, 2011

Captain America

Take a look at this... the first photo of Chris Evans in full Captain America regalia. Yes, it's different from any of the more classic Captain America designs and it's also not the excellent Bryan Hitch designed WWII outfit, but all in all, this is good. Seeing it for real, it works much better than I expected; it doesn't seem as out of step with the time period. I like the muted colors and really, I love the scuffed shield, that just looks great. The helmet/mask is fantastic, too, with the little painted on wings and leather skullcap beneath. As Billy Ocean would say: "It's simply... awesome..." Also, for a little bonus crazy 40s sci-fi cool, in the background you can see some kind of heavy armor Hydra drones.

Only six-ish months to go!

Good stuff. Good stuff. Color me pleased. I feel much better now, better than I did after my initial reaction to Thor's first pic, at least. This is more in line with how I felt after seeing the first glimpse of the Iron Man Mark 1 armor.

In a word: Hopeful.

Good stuff.

Thanks Badass Digest! Edited for a better pic: Thanks Io9!


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