Monday, November 15, 2010

Six Flags New Orleans

As long time readers, you will all no doubt remember my love of all things abandoned and forgotten. No? Well then, you must be new to this blog, as I talked about it here. Anyway, here is an amazing video tour of a decrepit amusement park that was shut down before Hurricane Katrina landed, never reopened and then promptly forgotten, and all set to a really creepy score. The dread, the tension, the absolutely effortless disrepair. I love how it's just around the corner, just a step away from the rest of society and yet, it feels like a completely different world. I love it.


Thanks for digging this up, Roby.

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Sommarstrom said...

Very eerie. I was down in NO last winter and got to crawl through some of the abandoned schools. Sadly, the six flags fits into several parts of NO quite well. You should definitely make a trip down there before they demolish all the condemned buildings.

Happy birthday!