Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Coma

Hey, all, so just so you know heading into this post, the "G" key on my keyboard has chosen to become a right stubborn bastard, so if I start leaving them out, that's not me bein' street, you know, kickin' it... it's just my crappy computer. At least, most of the time. Admittedly, some of it will be due to me just bein' cool, but... that's just how I roll...

Anyway, Thanksgiving was good. Although to be  fair, I'm still only halfway through it. Little Ms. Super-cute Wife and I are at Dad's, which isn't as strange as I thought it'd be, maybe I'm getting used to that shit, I don't know. Whatever, it's good. The food was great and it's nice to see Stepmom C and the Wild Child. No, no, really the only real downside to all of this holiday-ing is that we're currently in Missouri, which, as we all know, sucks balls. Missouri has never done anything good for the world except to give us the James/Younger Gang, an opinion I will take to my grave, most likely while locked in a death struggle with the state. Come saturday, though, Little Ms. Super-cute Wife and I will load up the car and motor on up to Boone, where we will fill up on food (once more with feeling), and then head home again, home again, jiggedy-jig.

But that's just Thanksgiving, Jon, is what I bet you're thinking, what's on deck for you after that?

Well, if you've been followin my Twitter feed, as I'm sure you have, you'll know that I finished up Monster and sent it out to the Scribblerati for critique on Monday. It's a very sloppy 2nd draft. The Dragon chase was a bitch to wrangle and it took longer than I anticipated, so I didn't get to do the clean-up read I had wanted to do. Which means, of course, that as soon as I sat down and read it: Forgotten words, things out of place, things that didn't get deleted... Ugh... extremely frustrating.

Oh, well... 3rd draft, I guess.

Then I'll polish up The Little Things and send that out again. This is intended to coincide with the Query updates for Gunslingers of the Apocalypse, so that I can send out both the new version of the story and a couple of new queries at the same time, slippin them both into the hushed lull between Hanukkah and Christmas break. They'll probably still be unread and tossed in a pile until January, but what can you do? I can't make 'em speed, Captain...

After that, I have five (5) short story ideas that I'm going to work out a bit (The Listener, The Plague of Man, Walking Home, Garage boxes, and Scrappers). I plan on getting all of these done and sent out or whatever (hopefully) by spring. Then with the coming of spring, and barring any ridiculously awesome and life-changing news in my life, which would mean that I would need to dive into Bastard out of Minnesota instead of other projects (finers crossed), I intend to begin work on my new book idea. It should be fully cooked by then (hopefully). More on that later.

We'll see, I guess, "the best laid plans..." and all that, right?


Wait... what's this?

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