Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Captain America blog

This film is a bit wobbly for me. I'm more than a little unsure. Like Thor, Captain America is a hard sell to the unintiated and honestly, at this point, both films could go either way.

Over the months, I've heard some rumors about the Captain America script that gives me pause. Also, there are a few people attached to the project whose track records don't inspire a lot of confidence in me. I'm also beginning to suspect that all the Nazis in this film will be replaced by Hydra agents, which is just stupid... Damn you, Spielberg.  Okay, sure, sure, Joss has a credit, but I'll bet anything that's just clean-up and more than likely focused more on aligning the film toward the eventual Avengers film, then the film itself. And let's be honest here, I love Joss, but can he do the big action? He did some okay stuff in Serenity, but can he Michael Bay the shit out of some superhero fights?

I don't know.

That's a big, looming question mark.

Then there's the fact that sometimes those Whedon-isms can go really bad. I'll tell you what we don't want, we don't want the Avengers all sitting around, chatting and only cracking the kind of jokes where the names of things have been changed so that they all end with a "y". Please, oh, please, oh, please, Joss, don't do that.

Also, lest we forget... somehow, there's only one female superhero included in the Avengers cast. Okay, sure, it's Scarlet Johansson, but still: Only one? What about the Wasp? Not even Ms. Marvel? Come on... Long story short (too late), folks, I'm getting nervous. I need to see a Thor trailer. I need to see Captain America in action. There's information out there and I need it...

Like I said: I am more than a little unsure.

And then we saw the concept art for the costume. This didn't help. This didn't allay my fears much, okay, maybe a little, but still... I mean, why would they choose to reflect his modern day costume more than Bryan Hitch's incredible WWII designed version? Look at it! Look! It's amazing. It looks like a uniform from the era.

That's amazing, why wouldn't you use it? And I got to tell you, folks, every genre movie ever made that has inexplicablly ignored an awesome little detail in favor of some ridiculous Hollywood-by-committee type of marketing based decided gee-gaw has sucked... big time (I'm looking at you Aliens vs. Predator franchise... Are you kidding me? No Space Marines? You idiots.). So, I was even more worried, thinking great... they're gonna screw up Captain America... again.

But then this came out... And it looks... a little better. I like the stitching and the straps, that's kinda alright. In fact, over the course of the day, it's definitely grown on me a little. I'm digging the World War Two hair style they got Chris Evans sporting there. Most of all, I love the bullet-scuffed paint on the shield. Love it, that's so cool. So, yeah, hmmm... not bad, I guess. I'm still a little hesitant, but then... who knows? I've got some hope. Maybe it could turn out to be good. Maybe.

Anyway, Hasta manana, kids... or maybe early next week... probably... we'll see,

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