Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Thor Trailer

Obviously found at Io9.

Hmmm... I like the tone and the mix of the different worlds alot. I like the designs. This might be good. Really? Could it be good? Branagh is obviously unafraid of the Kirby created aspects of the character, he showcases them even, but will that unbridled God-like wackiness turn around and bite them in the ass when it comes to both the critics and the wider audiences alike?

Who cares?

Really? Who cares? See, this film is happening. Captain America--barely a couple of weeks into shooting--is happening. The Avengers film is happening and it's got a phenomenal cast. So who gives a shit if Ma and Pa Kettle from Butthole Bible-World, Middle-of-Nowheres-ville understands, likes, or even thinks about going to this movie? Not me.

Because the films are happening. By 2012, I will have seen them, the first Mega-Event, the first shared Cinematic Universe. The first Cross-over. It's hard to believe, who would have thought it was possible, but it's happening, whether the Non-geeks out there attend or not... the deals are done, the ink is dry, and we're plowing ahead, baby!


I am a True Believer.


Oh, shucks, it looks like they yanked the footage. If you missed it, too bad, so sad... These things happen, kids, try to be a little quicker next time, okay?

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