Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Modern Ruins

This is one of my favorite links.

It's a bunch of articles from Io9; all of them are tagged with "modern ruins". It's an incredible, continually growing collection of shots from all over the world--abandoned places, ruined places, the left behind, the lost, and the forgotten. They're absolutely striking. I find them fascinating and beautiful.

I love places like this...

How did they get like this? What did they used to be and what the hell happened? At what point did we all just pull up stakes and leave these places to their own fate? It's incredible to me to think that, at some point, someone just shut the door and walked away and that was it--they were the last one. How does it get to that point?

I'm fascinated by the idea that, at one time, all of these places used to be something important to someone, that people used to gather here and live their lives, and now they're all gone and here is the leftover debris, this is all that's left, nothing but gray and disquieting ruins.

I'm equally as fascinated by the idea that these places just sit there, done, that's it, all this haunted wreckage and ruin, and no one does anything with them, nothing except let them gradually fall into a state of irrevocable disrepair. There's something about the idea that just pulls at me, the thought that all over the world, maybe just around the corner, there's these forgotten corners of neglect slowly crumbling into dust--these places we've moved on from.

I want to sit and listen to the surf as it beats at the beached wreckage this ship has left behind, watch it work at the rusted metal, bits and pieces flaking away under the efforts of salt and sun. I want to walk around these places and imagine what used to be, they both beckon to and terrify me. There's an incredible sense of loneliness, a feeling of a lost and failed history and a reminder of just how transitory our world is, how little we leave behind, nothing but vague and confusing snapshots into what used to be.

I love it.

So click that link and browse, man, check out a world that once was and maybe get a little inspired along the way.

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