Thursday, July 22, 2010

Again with the Thor!

So, the flow of images and whatnot has pretty much started, although I imagine the Official Marketing Festivities Kick-Off will be after SDCC ends and we finally get to see a teaser trailer, but with that day quickly closing in, this will probably be my last Thor post for awhile--except for the trailer debut, natch--because after the trailer hits, we'll pretty much be saturated in all of this until the day the movie finally opens and there would be no need to even try to keep up with all of that crap.

I'm just one man... One Man!

So, anyway, being that we all saw the Mighty Hammer Mjolnir in the New Mexico desert at the end of Iron Man 2 (SPOILERS!), this is what I assume is going on in this picture...

Ahem, ready?

Ok, so Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, (see above) is a cocky jerk. His father, Odin, the King of the Gods, casts him to earth in order to learn some humility. Upon reaching earth, Thor discovers that since he was cast down, Mjolnir no longer considers him worthy, so he can no longer wield his Mighty Hammer. Boo, Mjolnir, Boo! As a result, most of the movie will be Thor hammerless, maybe getting in a dusty (and possibly wacky) bar fight or two with some lippy rednecks, or maybe some kind of Norse ghost warrior/spirit thing that Loki (his jealous AND evil trickster God half-brother) sent after him... or perhaps some kind of bear... plus, he'll be laying plenty o'pipe with Portman (Natalie, that is) until finally, Loki shows up and starts wrecking shop. This leads to Thor finally realizing his destiny (hitting things with his hammer), probably after getting beat up a little bit. Upon realizing, he immediately goes to where Mjolnir has been waiting for the last 80-ish minutes (where SHIELD, meanwhile, has been trying unsuccessfully to lift it), as a raging monster of a... wait for it... THUNDER storm builds overhead (see what they're doing there?). He grabs his Mighty Hammer and--KA-BOOM!--He is the Mighty Thor once again, hitting stuff, which is the moment we're seeing here. Ass whoppings a'plenty soon follow, hopefully while "Bodies" by Drowning Pool is playing. Loki is defeated, Odin accepts Thor home again. He macks on Portman and the credits roll, hopefully while "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin plays. After the credits end, they'll tease the upcoming Captain America/Avengers movies.


Speaking of teases...


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