Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hey there! Just me (Jon) checking in!

Do you like the new layout? I think I do. Maybe it's not all that different... What do you think? Is it easy to read? Let me know.

Anyway, first off: It's embarrassing to admit it, but I have not been on the ball too much lately, at least not as far as the Query Machine is concerned. The silver lining of the whole situation is that the short story I am currently working on is the reason for the lapse, but still... Right now, I've only got three queries out there... THREE! So, I need to send out two more, because five is my magic number, man. FIVE! Sure it's an arbitrary number, but it's a number all the same, MY number! Respect the number.

So that's on the list for tonight.

Also on the list: House stuff, of course. The massive tide of post-wedding clean up stuff is staggering and Little Ms. Super-cute Wife and I have been doing our level best to steadfastly ignore it, but the unfortunate reality of the situation is that sooner or later... we're gonna have to unpack some shit. So, that might start tonight. Might. Also, I might start on my Thank You cards... or I might not... I'll at least intend to. No, more likely, my main focus later this evening will be my short story.

It's kind of hard to summarize, I'm not sure what the pitch would be... uh... it's kind of like... It's about a night in the life of a low level street thug who gets the crap beat out of him by a masked Vigilante... basically.

And it's almost done. I've got two sections left and I know what happens in them, so I'll pound that out in the next couple of days, then go over it again and again and hopefully it will be ready to send out to the Scribblerati by Sunday, which would get it out of my hair and my mind on a new short. Not to mention, it would give the other Scribblerati Agents plenty of time to read it for our next meeting on the 12th of July. You want to know what else? My secret, secret plan? The one so far only shared between you and me, my dear and constant readers, one that I've barely dared to hope I'd even get a shot at, much less plan on? Well, my secret, secret plan is: If I can get this one done, I might (MIGHT) be able to pump out a second short story and get it ready in time for the next meeting... MAYBE... fingers crossed... Shhhhh...

There is a problem though. The big obstacle in my way is going be two things:

1. Red Dead Redemption. I just got it and, well... it's like crack. Also, I'm playing it on the new TV and, let me tell you, HD gaming? It's a lot like what I imagine Gaming is like in Heaven. So, that could be a little distracting...

2. Little Ms. Super-cute Wife is going out tonight, so I will be at home, all alone, and COMPLETELY unsupervised...


Also, Here's a couple of good blogs by interesting and funny people I know. There's the brand new and kind of awesome Script Doctor and the freshly back from limbo, always a classic, The Daily Scott Brown. There's also the Michelopedia, which may or may not be active these days, as the 'Pedia is Pregnant... with a baby!

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