Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I plan on posting more... really!

I promise I will, but FIRST, I'm going to be a just a little bit busy for the next few days. Do any of you remember this from way back when? Yeah? Huh? No? Go on, click on it... I'll wait...

Hey! You read that right, kids: It's a little over a year later and it's just about that time... Ring the bells and spread the news, Little Ms. Super Cute Fiance and I will be getting married this weekend, so if you're passing through, just dying for some book updates, chomping at the bit for a scrap of news, if you will, well... you'll just have to wait, 'cause I got shit to do.

Yes, that's me in the glasses. Yes, I am Superman.

Fear not for the future of this blog, web-citizens! I will be back in the days afterwards armed with a renewed sense of purpose, a new batch of queries, and even more updates on the various and sundry literary adventures of myself and my fellow Scribblerati Agents.

So stay tuned, my myriad of oh so gentle and constant readers, and keep your eyes peeled for that halcyon day. I know, I know, the wait may seem interminable now, but rest assured, I will be back and no longer a hell-bound sinner in the eyes of the church, to boot... well, maybe that last part is an exaggeration, but either way... yeah, I'll be back in a few days.

See you then!


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