Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Captain America

I know, I know, I said I was going to be busy, but just this one thing quick and THEN... then I'll be too busy to post much for the next few days, you know, what with the wedding and all.

Okay... so anyway, this happened over at Aint it cool:


Now, I'm sure you'll recall my disappointment when the Thor costume was revealed. It didn't seem like a good sign of things to come, as that is a franchise that could go super bad just as easily as it could go super cool.

Well this here is a different story. This I like. This makes me a little less antsy about having Joe Johnston as the Director... I think this costume will come out looking and moving real good... but then, the Rocketeer outfit looked incrediblly awesome too and Lord knows that film crashed and burned like a lead balloon, and so did Johnston's recent clean up of the film the Wolfman, come to mention it. But then, is that his fault or the fault of material corrupted at the script level? He's not a bad director, the Wolfman at least looked good, but is he an inspired one? Time will tell, I guess. I mean, I certainly wouldn't have marked out Favreau as a talented and entertaining Director before Iron Man, but now...

But I digress...

Anyway, here we have a prime example of walking the line between comic book "real world" functionality and comic book faithfulness, a nod more to the Ultimate Captain America, then the regular version of the Captain, sure, but still... at first glance, man, this is from a much, much better place than the plasticene sculpted muscles of the Odinson or, even more so, the movie Batman's ridiculous Magic-shell outfit. I mean, for years that poor bastard could barely even turn his head, which can't be good for crimefighting (although, to be fair, it probably does wonders for his posture), and I'd really like to see Batman try... TRY!... to get up out of a comfy chair without having to first roll over the side to the floor... but again, I digress.

Plainly put, this looks like it's going to be a great costume, and I hear the WWII version (which is brilliant) is also going to stick pretty comic-faithful. Hearing that, and after seeing his modern day outfit (or whatever it is they're planning on using it for/calling it...), I am now dying to see them trot out the WWII version.

Well done,

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