Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shot down

Another query rejected.

That's seven out of thirteen now, apparently the number thirteen isn't that lucky after all... go figure.

All things considered, thirteen is not that many queries total, not really, at least, not as far as these things are concerned, but still... rejections are sucky. I did get a little note back, nothing too special or insightful, just a paragraph, but at least it wasn't a form letter, so... yay.

One thing I did glean from this last response... I have some stalled queries out there, and since I only have a few more days worth of edits left on Gunslingers of the Apocalypse (and then it will be done forever-ish!), that means that my next main focus will be to re-query those folks -- maybe not the two guys that I accidentally queried simultaneously, despite the fact that they work at the same agency and that I have a spreadsheet intended to prevent that very thing from happening, but the rest? Oh yeah, I'll be re-querying like a motherfucker.

You heard me.


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