Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scott Pilgrim

Holy shit!

You know, today, I was totally going to blog for you fine folks. I felt kind of bad, what with all the random and geeky trailer postings and generally lazy blogging I've been doing of late.

What? No updates about me or my book? Again?

I know, right? What a bastard I am. Like I said: I was beginning to feel kind of bad, like I was letting you, my dear and gentle readers, down some what. It was starting to get to me... here, in my heart... But then, this fell right in my lap, straight out of Heaven, (HEAVEN, people!) and I was like "fuck you guys, I am totally posting this!"

And here we are... Watch it and love it!

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Totally fucking sweet!


Marshall Banana said...

I think since this trailer has been out I have watched it 17 times. Its unhealthy and I am going to stop...once I reach 20.

Jon said...

Yes. I have discovered some people out there on the internet actually claim to not like it. They are now my enemies for life.