Friday, January 8, 2010

Films to watch for in 2010

I know at this point, many of you have the same single question burning its way through your mind: With the 2009 year in movies done, what lies ahead of us in 2010? Are there any films worth looking forward to? Is there anything? Anything at all? I know this question plagues you, as it does me. I know it swirls around and around in your mind, endlessly, over and over as you toss and turn, it's power denying you the luxury of even a single night's worth of rest.

Well fret no longer, my Dear and Gentle Readers, fret no longer. Because here is my list of the top ten films I'm looking forward to in 2010.

It's gonna be an exciting year, folks. Hang onto your butts.

1. Iron Man 2
Ok, sure, maybe I'm setting myself up for disappointment, but I prefer to have hope. Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you: "That Jon... he is one optimist motherfucker."

2. Book of Eli
It's been a long time since someone put any effort whatsoever into a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Warrior movie and I'm sure this will shock the shit out of you all, but I am dead excited to see it.

3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
There's no trailer yet, but the book is fantastic. And then there's this:

4.The Wolfman
Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins? Trailer looks good, but there's been rumblings of behind the scene trouble, so we'll see what happens with this film. Fingers crossed.

Looks awesome. Ridiculously awesome. Better than the comic. Seriously, you have to watch the trailer. Go. Go, now.

6.Robin Hood
I'm a sucker for a good Robin Hood flick. Russel Crowe and Ridley Scoot are acting like they're gonna give me one.

7. Lovely Bones
Peter Jackson has been working on this one for awhile, so it's one of those films, like Avatar. Talked about for years and years. Hotly anticipated. Will it deliver? I hope so, but I have to admit being a little afraid of the What Dreams may Come similarities.

8. Repo Men
Not to be confused with the Emilio Estavez classic, nor the "cult" movie of similar title and story, this film features a knife fight between Jude Law and Forrest Whittacker. I will be in attendance.

9. Clash of the Titans
At this point, Sam Worthington is 0 for 2 for me, as both Avatar and Terminator Salvation disappointed me. Now, this wasn't really his fault, he did fine with what he had, however, I do think it's fair to suspect that perhaps Sam doesn't have much taste when it comes to projects, but hell, a brother's got to make money, right? Anyway, will this film be terrible? ...Yes... Yes, it probably will, but like every modern day Geek out there today, the roots of my geekdom can be traced directly back to an early exposure to Lou Ferrigno and Greek Mythology, so yeah... I have to go.

10. ?????
I know, I know... leaving this spot open is a bit cheesy. True, there are other films I could have put here. Daybreakers may be fun. Same with Legion. There's also Inception and Mystery Team, which I very nearly forgot about. And of course, there is the genius that is Hot Tub Time Machine. But this spot is reserved for the surprises, the films that come out of left field and wow you. That's always the best movie experience: walking into a theatre blind, not knowing what to expect, and then Bam! Awesome. I love that. Here's hoping they crowd onto the list, right?

It'll be fun, a year or so from now, to compare this list to what turns out to be my favorites of the year list. Of course, when I say fun... I mean for me, but hey, it's my blog, whattayouwant?

Get outta here, go see a movie.



Marshall Banana said...

How can you even be slightly excited about Legion? Angels with guns! Ridiculous

Jon said...

I said: "May be fun" That's not exactly excited... Shut up and get back to drawing my comics.