Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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2 week Domestic Box Office: Roughly $232,000,000.00 (Give or take a couple hundred thousand.)
2 week International Box Office: Roughly $411,000,000.00 (Again, give or take a couple hundred thousand.)
2 week Global Total: $642,993,860.00

That's a second week dip of LESS THAN 2%!

That is unheard of! That is unbelievable! That is the highest grossing 2nd week ever! Ever! Amazing, simply amazing. God damn, man... the people love it... the people love it...I wonder how much is IMAX and how much is repeat business... Anyway, what can I say?

Sometimes, I guess I'm just out of touch.


David said...

Even I'm surprised, and I dragged my wife along to see it again two nights ago. (Completely packed theater) I liked it, but didn't think everyone else would. I'm obviously not a national bellwether, having been pissed for having wasted the bandwidth after downloading an illicit transformers 2.

Jon said...

Maybe the arguement could be made that the familiar storyline is comforting. Like I said, the movie isn't bad, I just felt that it was nothing special, that I had seen it before (outside the presentation, of course), but maybe people prefer it that way?

Transformers 2 is number one this year, so far, and by a far margin. WWE is insanely popular. I hate to sound condescending about it all, but maybe people prefer it when they aren't challenged. Maybe they like to "just turn their brain off."

In the end, I guess I'm just surprised that once the glamour of the 3-D wore off, more people weren't bored with the story... but then... the 3-D presentation isn't everywhere, so who knows? Maybe people just like it?

I'm not saying that's a bad thing, people can like what they like, I'm just stunned that this is a film that needed at least $750 million before it could even start to think about profits, and in two weeks it is almost there...


Fucking Cameron, man...