Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CGI Ruins Movies

I've felt this way for a long time now, so it's nice to see someone else putting the same feelings out there. Check out this I09 article. It's a 100% right on.

Like I said yesterday: I'm going to Avatar on the 20th. I want to like it, I really do, I'm ready to, but the scars from the Prequels still itch when it rains, you know? So, here's me hoping for the best, James Cameron, but I'm gonna be honest with you... I'm more than a little bit wary, man, more than a little bit wary.


Shawn Enderlin said...

generally true, although there are magic CGI moments out there. "bullet time" in The Matrix comes to mind. (of course, the sequels blew, but still...) and i really loved LOTR. yes, there were a few places there the CGI got in the way, but they did the acting, story, etc. made up for it.

but mostly, i think you are right. over-reliance on CGI ruins movies.

Jon said...

I love LOTR for many reasons, especially because they used all of the tricks available to them.

And I think Bullet Time is a great example of CGI used right. It was used as a tool to help illustrate an aspect of the story, where as in something like the Prequels, the CGI somehow became the point and the movie just ended up seeming distant and lifeless. Of course, CGI wasn't wholly to blame in that particular case, but it ceratainly didn't help any.

David said...

Shitty directors ruin movies, not the technology they choose to employ.

Just got back from Avatar. Not ruined.

Jon said...


I'm going tomorrow. I look forward to your thoughts.