Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 100th Post!


One hundred posts!

For ten months or so now, week after week, day in, day out, day off, day off… another day off… sometimes for a week or two… I’ve been posting. Ten months or so... give or take. That’s dedication for you right there, folks. That’s me—just me, mind you—logging on and blogging eight, sometimes even nine, times a month and just cranking it out for y’all… just grinding it out. Writing! “It’s been a long road… getting’ from there to here…” And do I ask for anything besides your accolades, adoration and gifts of money and/or comic books?

No. No, I do not.

Man, are you people lucky or what?

So, as the snows roll in, blanketing the middle of this country with its heavy, frigid embrace, my attention turns away from my stack of unstamped license plates here at the Day Prison and instead... they turn to you, my friends, My Dear and Constant Readers. They turn to you. How ya’ doing? We’ve been together awhile now, you and I, so I thought, in commemoration of this big one hundredth blog post here at This Is Mine, I thought we could jump into the ol’ way-back machine and reach far, far back into the ether, all the way back to the source, and maybe do it up one more time, just like we used to back in the day... February ’09 style.

I think you know what that means…

That’s right:


Gunslingers of the Apocalypse:

As of right now, today, there are no new responses. All’s quiet on the manuscript front. Everything is as it was and continues to be. There are still 60 pages out there somewhere, in the possession of an Agent I would love to be represented by, while five other queries are hanging out on the desks and in the in-boxes of some equally strong candidates. If I took nothing else from my time at the Loft, it was to start big and work your way down. So far, (knock on wood) and despite a pair of rejections, I have yet to strike out with any of the Big Kids, so keep your fingers crossed, my Dear and Constant Readers, say a little prayer for me, your favorite blogger (Jon), burn me some incense, maybe sacrifice a goat and/or small child, basically whatever kind of superstitious hocus-pocus chicanery your own personal brand of religious mythology calls for when one would like the favor of the gods smiled down upon themselves… go do that. Thanks in advance.

Bastard out of Minnesota:

I have settled on “out of” for the title, instead of “outta”, I think this is a good thing. Thoughts? Also, the good news. I think I have finally managed to pummel the opening section of the third chapter into submission, at least enough for me to be able to turn my back on it safely and move on to the next parts. The bad news is, doing so took so long that now there isn’t enough time left to finish the whole chapter and still send it out to the Scribblerati for review at our next meeting on Monday. That’s a big sad face on my part. This book has been a slow starter, the nagging questions of world building and what to tell how, not to mention what information needs to be shared again since this is a sequel, after all, have been vexing… to say the least, and unfortunately, I am a mostly linear writer and don’t like to jump around much, so it’s been a little bit of a slog for me through the last 80-ish pages. The good news, though, is once it’s all down and I move on to Chapter Four, I’ll be able to more clearly establish the story and then, if I need to, I can go back, hammer out the iffy parts in the first couple of chapters, clean it all up and link it together in a satisfactory manner. It’s very reassuring to realize that after all this work, especially since things really open up after this chapter. I feel like I’ve been trudging through a swamp lately, but after last night, at least, the ground finally started to feel like it was firming up a bit beneath my feet… let’s hope.

The Comic Book Experiment:

Blog-friend Marshall Banana has paused in his near constant attempts at further baby-making and is slowly making progress on our joint experiment. Things are looking very good from this end. Yay for Marshall! Way to go! Keep up the good work! Although, I may borrow the Scrappers idea, while you're working on it, and try to meld it into short story shape for submission. Why? And to whom? …Read below.

Strange Horizons:

This site is one of the last of a dying breed: an actual venue for the publishing of short stories of the Sci-fi and fantasy bend AND it actually pays pro-rates. Seeing this place is like seeing a Unicorn in your backyard. It’s intimidating though, because this is a realm of giants. Big names have trod here, and many still do, so care must be taken when you approach. Right now their submissions are closed, holidays and all, but they are scheduled to re-open come January. I have time to prepare.


I’m going to Avatar at the 3-D IMAX on the 20th, that’s the zero hour, and then…. Oh and then… we shall see, James Cameron, oh yes… we shall see. You’ll be hearing all about it, I’m sure, my Dear and Constant Reader. Be sure to await my response with bated breath.


Great stuff. Love it. Multi-dimensional wars fought between secretly seeded super soldiers? It’s like they wrote it from my dreams… After having watched the entire first season and having downloaded all of the current shows to date of the second, I have to say: All in all, Fringe is a very entertaining show with a really strong hook and an even stronger cast held together by a fantastic chemistry, the whole of it buoyed by good writing that has somehow avoided being undermined by either Fox or by the writing staff, a group whose other works I am almost uniformly not a fan of. Except for the new Star Trek. There is a tiny nagging fear that they still might veer off into X-files land, a place where answers and resolutions are feared and hated and driven off into exile, but so far… so good…

And that’s all the news fit to print, so let’s wrap-up…

In a nutshell, 2009 has been pretty good for me. I finished my book, with the invaluable help of the Scribblerati, the Copy Editor Twin Star Sukiyaki Death Squad Girls and all my various and sundry Beta-readers and friends. This is something most people can’t say, and I’m very proud of the end result. I’ve begun the query process and so far, in these first two months, I have managed to get some responses, which is another small and encouraging victory. The Day Prison isn’t to bad, all in all, at least, as far as Day Prisons go. Me and mine are healthy, wealthy, and wise, for the most part, so I can’t complain there too much. But best of all, most of all, I got Little Ms. Super-cute Fiancée. She’s pretty awesome.

So keep your chins up out there, my Dear and Constant Readers, life ain’t too bad.

Later gators,



David said...

How about Bastard Oot A Saskatchewan?

Jon said...

Tempting... very tempting...

Shawn Enderlin said...

If anyone does sacrifice a goat, would you please milk it first? I have a diary allergy and while soy works for milk, it makes shit cheese and only so-so yogurt.