Monday, November 16, 2009

Song Sung Blue

Today is a crappy day.

I got my first real rejection letter.

Actually, I got it yesterday… on my birthday.

This particular rejection (technically my second, but the first one was just a 24 hour later form letter rejection, one that I attribute more to a key-word type trigger or a general lack of subject interest then to the fact that I suck, but whatever…) ANYWAY, this particular rejection comes from the Agent that requested the full manuscript from me about a week ago.

Now, honestly, this rejection wasn’t too much of a surprise as the Agent in question, at least going by her personal blog and her client list, is pretty YA and Chick-lit-y and I am not. So, from the start, it was always kind of surprising that she even expressed any interest in my stuff in the first place, especially since I never actually queried her specifically… but again: whatever… it’s still a bit of a bummer.

Le Sigh…

On the upside, she has been very attentive during all this with an amazingly fast turn-over, and even if she did come back with a response other than the one I would have preferred, at least she was quick about it. She also took the time to give me some feedback, which is cool of her, and proves that she actually read my book, or at least part of it.

Some of this feedback was possibly good stuff and I will examine and possibly implement it. A couple of them seemed more like an over-simplified solution for some inherent and known possible problems, and the last few were, for the most part, of the stripe that I would expect from… well, someone like her, at least, judging again by what she puts in her blog and who she represents… which is cool, you know, I mean, different strokes and all that jazz… but still: No big surprise. Some of the feedback, though.. well, some of it seemed really off-base. I won’t go into specifics, because it was maddening, but yeah… it was crap and very telling. Ultimately, though, it doesn’t matter, some shit you have to let go, because you can’t control people’s perceptions. Of course, however invalid in actuality that particular personal opinion was, the fact that it came up at all does carry with it the validity of it possibly repeating in my possible audience’s possible perceptions, which makes it something to consider and be aware of.

So, I’ll examine that too… even if it was bullshit.

But there you have it.

Two queries down, who knows how many more to go. This latest bit is disappointing, but what can you do? Such is the process, I guess. And, truth be told, I’ve only sent out six queries total, so far, and in just about a month and a half's time since Q Day, I've gotten three responses for further samples, sure two were from the same person, but still: fucking victory, man.

On one hand, I can appreciate the feedback and I’ll take a look at possibly implementing some of it and hopefully the time she took will end up helping me out on my road to getting published.

On the other hand… who cares?

A new Query Letter goes out tomorrow.

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