Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So... I'm freaking out a bit here at the day-prison.

As long-time readers, most of you may or may not recall that I am currently querying various Literary Agents concerning their possible representation of my recently finished manuscript: Gunslingers of the Apocalypse. By all accounts, this process is a long and arduous one, however, much like the spanking machine at Fraternities, it is also a very much required rite of passage on the road to being published legitimately.

I sent out my first five queries somewhere in the neighborhood of about 3 p.m. on September 23rd, 2009. The first one came back the very next day. No, thank you, was pretty much all it said. Polite, but impersonal. Undaunted, I immediately sent out query number six.

Then I waited.

The next two have recently come back and they both want to read more. (Teeth clenched: EEEEEE!) One came back last week, the other just today. Neither asked for the whole thing, just a limited amount of pages (fifty and thirty respectively) and I have complied. Now, honestly, this doesn't mean much beyond the fact that my query was interesting enough to make them want to check out a little bit more and they could totally still reject me, but, shit... man... I am that much closer.

That much closer...

The thought makes me tingly.


Be on alert for further updates as the situation progresses...

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