Friday, October 23, 2009

I got nothing

Yep. Nothing. Hence the long silence of late, folks. I mean, yeah, it’s true… I’ve been a bit busy lately, but honestly, I haven’t been that busy. It’s just that I’ve got no new news to report. Sorry. I feel bad about this, of course, because no new news means no new blog and what does no new blog mean for you all? A cold, hollow, meaningless existence, I’d expect, much like living your life in an endless fog… oh, the infinite sadness.

So, yeah, like I said, no new news. I continue to wait for word on my various Queries and Requests for further samples. In the interim, my fingers remain crossed. There’s not much else I can do otherwise, just wait and hope. And honestly, it will probably be another month or two before I ever hear back, so I’m trying to settle in for a long wait and distract myself with other projects in the meantime.

Speaking of which, I met up with Marshall Banana: Baby-maker, and perused some of the early art he’s done for the comic scripts I sent him and they look pretty fucking good, man. Really good, in fact. So, that’s exciting, and a load off… it’s new news, too. I guess, I forgot to share that with you earlier this week. So, things on the practice comic book front are progressing and looking promising. If you see him on the street, please be sure to tell Monsieur Banana that he’s doing a good job.

Oh! Here’s some more news for ya’… Tomorrow is actually a pretty big day.

Tomorrow is Little Ms. Super-cute Fiancée and my Four Year Anniversary. Four years ago tomorrow, she and I went out for the very first time. We had late night beers at the Uptown Bar (soon to be closing… sad face), we followed that up with a full-plate order of chicken nachos at the infamous Little T’s, then we watched Ghostbusters to the wee hours of the morning. She left at 5:30 in the morning to go do a fill-in DJ shift at Radio K. It was a pretty awesome date. By the end of the first week, we’d gone on three more dates (to this day, I can only really remember those first three dates, the rest just kind of blurred together). After our fourth one, she pretty much moved in and, well… here we are.

So, what are our plans for the day?

Last year, we did a little overnight mini-stay-cation at the Graves Hotel, which was awesome. This year, well, we’re thinking of keeping it a little more low-key and wallet-friendly. We’re thinking maybe we’ll nosh on a little Gosa Gosa C at the super awesome Blue Nile. After that, it’s off for a little flat track roller derby action and beer with the North Star Roller Girls at the Minneapolis Convention Center and then… Then, it’s off for one or two more beers, but these ones will be special , as they will most likely be the last ones we have at the Uptown Bar (site of our first date), before it’s razed in the name of progress next month. That’s a big time Sad Face, because the Uptown Bar is one of the last places in Uptown with any kind of personality whatsoever, and now it’s soon to be gone forever in favor of a Hot Topic or a Bed Bath and Beyond or some horrible shit like that.

Anyway, it should be fun.

Oh my God… it’s fucking snowing out! Son of a bitch!

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Marshall Banana said...

As always, honored to be mentioned. Though I hope baby-maker doesn't become my official nick name.

I remember when your now fiancee used to come into the store and would always wait for you to ring her up or ask you to help her find a video. It's kind of crazy,even now, to think of her as your fiancee and not a customer.