Thursday, September 24, 2009

Updates in the wake of Q Day

I got my first rejection for Gunslingers of the Apocalypse today.

It was a very quick turn-around and a bit of a sad moment for me, but mostly it was a little anti-climatic and unremarkable... much like Q Day itself was. After three years both of these long awaited events turned out to be more Pop than Bang, you know?

Anyway, the rejection itself was just your standard run-of-the-mill form rejection e-mail, a single paragrapgh quickly churned out and amounting to little more than "Sorry, Charlie, over and out," so there isn't much going on there for me to mine any kind of funny anecdotal type stuff out of. It does contain a line apologizing for the impersonal nature of the form letter and assures me that they did actually read my Query letter, which was nice. I have consoled myself with the belief that this particular Query was rejected only because the Agent in question didn't allow themselves the opportunity to be dazzled by my story, since they only request a Query Letter initially. Oh well, I'm sure this is but the first of many small bumps on the road to publication. In the end, there's nothing to be done about it, except move on. So, since I have decided to have five out at a time, I immediately sent out a new Query to take that ones place and continue to maintain faith in the Agents still to respond. Bright side, folks, bright side.

So there's that...

Looking forward! This weekend I intend to return to work on Bastard out of Minnesota, which will most likely be limited, at first, to just re-reading and re-acquainting myself with what has already been done up to this point. I'm kind of excited at how fresh my eyes might be. Who knows what could grow out of that situation. Plus, it'll be nice to roll up my sleeves, flex my fingers, and get back into the down and dirty everyday business of actually writing. It's been too long and I am ready to go.

Besides, Lord knows, I could use the distraction, something to keep me from compulsively checking and re-checking my e-mail every hour or so (or five minutes), both praying for a response and dreading one at the same time.


Also, I need to get in contact with artist, blog follower, and documented baby-maker, your friend and mine, Marshal Banana. Did I tell you folks about this? No? Yes? ANSWER ME! Ahem... anyway, all's quiet on the Conspiracy front of late, however, rather than lament the passing of possible creative projects, Mr. Banana and I have decided to start practicing this comic book thing together. He has some slapped together scripts of mine and, the last time I talked with him, was busy scribbling away at them. We planned on getting together and commencing with the chatting and the looking and the la-dee-dah-ing once I finally began to get my queries off, so now that I've done that, I'll need to start setting this stuff in motion.

And finally...


I'm just about caught up on the episodes that I had pretty much already caught (the first five) and tomorrow, I will be moving into uncharted territory. As a result, my impression at this point is generally still the same. It's a "good" show that teeters on the edge of maybe being "great." The ideas are cool and intriguing, the cast is pretty good at their jobs, even though the lead actress, Anna Torv, sometimes looks like a Gelfling. The overall chemistry really works well and there's definitely no complaint when it comes to Production Values. Now, admittedly, sometimes I'm not that big a big fan of some of the storyline execution, but all in all, knowing what I do and having re-visited the show's beginning, right now, I'm going to have to go ahead and give the show a thumbs up.

Is anyone else attempting this with me? Do I need to talk about the specific story points yet? Go episode by episode? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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