Friday, September 25, 2009


So yeah, I know I've already covered this a little bit when I told you all that my plan to pass the time during this damnable, seemingly interminable query process is, of course, to get back into the daily writing grind... starting Saturday... evening... most likely... hurrrm...

Anyway, a side question not nearly asked enough of me (never, so far) would be: Am I planning on doing anything else beside re-start my writing, watch and discuss Fringe, and also possibly watch Observe and Report because Anna Faris is hilarious?

The answer?

Yes! Yes, I am going to do something else! I am going to watch some Movies at a Movie Theatre!


Yes, my plan is to take some time this coming week, and possibly Little Ms. Super-cute Fiancee, and go catch up on some of the films I have missed. So, in anticipation of this plan, I thought I'd provide you, my Gentle and Constant Readers, with the list of what I intend to see.

It's actually a pretty short list.

Ah, Fall movie time, not nearly as crappy as January... but close...

1. 9

This is a good illustration of how far behind I am. Long time readers will attest to the fact that I have been fairly excited about this movie. However, due to my busy schedule and general laziness, I have yet to make it. That's gonna change, folks, because despite some lukewarm reviews, I intend on hitting up this little flick sooner, rather than later. I'll let you know what I think.

2. Jennifer's Body

Another anticipated film, and one that was swamped right out of the gate with, what could only be refered to as, tepid at best reviews. However, and admittedly I haven't seen the film yet, the tone of most of those reviews seemed, to me, to be more mired in Diablo Cody hate and general misogyny then the film itself, which is gross.

Myself, I love Diablo Cody, I think she's great. Honestly, I don't understand what exactly it is that trips people up. Some of the catch-phrasey sayings? Okay, "honest to blog" sucks, but is it any worse than "You're fired" repeated ad nauseum? No. No, it is not. I mean, sure, sometimes she gets a little overly enamored with her own witty verbiage, but who am I to begrudge her that? There's a strange little side thing I've noticed and that is that most of these same people don't seem to fault Tarantino for having the same basic failings and for being less apologetic about it. Hmmm... strange...

So, no, in the end, I think that is just an excuse. I think there's just something about Diablo Cody that rubs some folks the wrong way. And you know what? That? That, I can get. I don't agree with it, but I can at least understand it.

What's weird is that most of the people who bag on Cody for her supposed "Diablo-speak" are obviously lying. They're lying and they flat out refuse to admit what is obviously going on, that the real problem is hidden due to a fear of being accused of being small minded. You see, the real problem is that these people just don't like the woman, they don't like her personality, they don't like her lack of shame for having once been a stripper, and they really don't like the fact that she managed to gain fame and unabashed celebrity off of it. This is all stuff that, in my opinion, should have no impact on her end product. After all, the proof is in the pudding. Juno was good. And yet... I bet we all know an idiot or two who claimed it's only because they found Juno to be "unrealistic."

"Uh, kids don't sound like that."

Fuck off, you stupid douche bag.

A. Yes, some of them do. And regardless, and most importantly, the characters do. The film's world they inhabit establishes that fact early, firmly, and consistently. B. Teen does not equate stupid. C. This is Diablo's voice, either accept it or fuck right off. And finally, D. Accuracy? Accuracy? What the hell does that mean? Jennifer's Body is the story of a girl, who gets sacrificed to Satan by an evil Emo band (is there another kind?), who then comes back and seduces boys so that she can eat them, meanwhile her best friend/enemy has to stop her... and you found it... an "inaccurate" portrayal of teen life, did you?

Like those wads who call SLC Punk inaccurate... What are you saying: That it was an inaccurate portrayal of poser punk rockers in Salt Lake City in 1984...? Or that the poser label hit a little too close to home... hmmm? But I digress... anyway, I plan on going to Jennifer's Body.

Hello, ladies!

3. The Informant!

I've begun to suspect that Soderberg has been making the same basic movie for years now and this film will either make or break that theory. I'm hoping for break. I mean, Out of Sight is a fun film, but I thought it was better the first time I saw it. I like Matt Damon, though. He's always been pretty alright, but ever since he made fun of Sarah Palin, I've been a big-time Damon fan, so I'll usually check out what he appears in.

Apparently, I'm not alone in that either. Did you know Matt Damon has the biggest return per dollar spent on him by the studios? I read a number break down awhile back and it put him at number 1 over all the big names. Basically, for every dollar the studios spend on him, he returns, like, thirty. The studios must love him.

So yeah, MOVIES!

Tell your friends.

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